‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Fans Against Cody As ‘America’s Favorite Player,’ Attempt To Ban Together For Vote

Big Brother fans look forward to voting for America’s Favorite Player each season. The houseguest with the most votes will be awarded $25,000 on finale night, basically allowing fans to pick the third winner in the game. While fans of Big Brother 19 have had the opportunity to influence the game by awarding gifts from the Den of Temptation, this is the only chance they get this season to vote for which houseguests will be in the winner’s circle.

Jessica Graf was the last Big Brother 19 houseguest evicted before the Jury House began to form. Shortly after returning to real life, she began a campaign to ask for votes to be the first America’s Favorite Player that was voted out and sent home. She later changed that and asked that all fans of Jody vote for Cody. She felt that by combining their votes, and all being cast for Cody, they had a better chance at winning.

Fans of Big Brother 19 are active in several Facebook groups. One, in particular, “Big Brother Spoilers,” has started a poll to see who everyone wants as AFP. The thought is that if fans can agree that the ones to select from are Paul, Kevin, or Mark (the ones the creator of the poll thinks has the best shot at winning AFP), there will be enough votes to beat Cody and Jessica, aka Jody. As the poll sits right now, Kevin is in the lead with Paul coming in second. Most of the voters seem to think Paul will be receiving either the top prize or the runner-up spot again this year.

Of course, the Big Brother 19 fans are speaking their minds on the poll and discussing details of why a particular houseguest is more deserving than another. Some are questioning why Mark is included in the lineup instead of possibly another member of the cast. With Paul having led the show all season and being behind every eviction, it is hard to give his puppets credit for their gameplay. This will be an ongoing debate over the next three weeks as Season 19 of Big Brother comes to a close.

Who do you think is most deserving of America’s Favorite Player? And who do you want to see holding the $500,000 check at the end? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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