Angelina Jolie Embracing A Life Of Celibacy After Brad Pitt, ‘Transforming Sexual Energy To Creative Power’

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been doing their best to adjust to life separately while also focusing on making their children their main priority. Initially, things were a bit rocky after Angelina announced she was splitting from Brad and seeking full custody of their six children. This was immediately followed by an FBI investigation that was launched against the Allied star after allegations of child abuse, yet Pitt was swiftly cleared.

Since January, things seem to have settled and the pair is working more amicably toward their settlement and making custody arrangements. Pitt is even allowed independent time with the children without supervision since the star sought addiction counseling and therapy.

Despite rumors that the former A-list couple is heading for reconciliation, this claim has been put to rest and as TMZ recently reported, the proceedings are in “high gear.” Additional claims have included that Pitt is finding it tough to not have his kids around regularly, and the latest rumor is that Angelina is now embracing a celibate life since splitting from Brad Pitt.

Hollywood Life reports the details about this latest claim. A source notes that Jolie is not ready to date again since her split from the 53-year-old and is instead focusing on “becoming the best version of herself.”

“Angelina’s mind is so not on romance or sex these days, she’s totally celibate and she’s embracing it,” the insider says of the UN special envoy.

The source goes on to share that Angelina has been reading regularly about how to transform her “sexual energy into creative power,” and the star is apparently finding it all fascinating. Angelina is also practicing yoga regularly, which is a fitness and meditation practice that the star reportedly formerly disliked. Yet, the practice is assisting Jolie to calm and clear her mind.

“One of the gurus that she’s following preaches about the distractions of sex so it’s not like she’s getting these ideas out of nowhere,” the source states.

Additionally, although Angelina is still one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world, the stunner does not see herself this way anymore and has shut down in regards to showcasing her sexuality and appeal. At this point, it’s her “children and her humanitarian work” that matter most to the star.

Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had taken time to work through their new situation, but both are finding themselves focusing on their work again while ensuring to keep the best interest of their children at the forefront.

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