‘BB19’: Matt Clines Explains Why Raven Walton Deserves To Win The $500K Grand Prize

Big Brother 19 evictee Matt Clines says he is confident that his showmance, Raven Walton, has what it takes to go all the way in the CBS summertime game. Clines, who fell on the sword for his Big Brother girlfriend, told TV Guide that Raven is much more of a mastermind in the house than viewers realize. Matt ranked Raven right up there with Big Brother puppet master Paul Abrahamian, explaining that she is more deserving of the show’s $500,000 grand prize and will do more good with it than any of the other contestants.

“Unfortunately, most would never see [this], but Raven and Paul were pulling a lot of the strings in the house,” Matt told TV Guide.

“She probably reads people as well as anyone else in the game. She picks things up so quickly. [When it comes to] actual game play, her and Paul are the best players in the game. She’s very, very good.”

If Walton is so good, many Big Brother fans are questioning why Matt Clines felt the need to throw his game for her. While on the chopping block against Raven, Matt campaigned for his Big Brother girlfriend to stay in the house and purposely broke the house Have Not rules to ensure he would get a penalty vote on eviction night.

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Matt told Parade he wanted to give Walton every chance to further her Big Brother game because he feels she has a good chance at winning the entire thing.

“I honestly thought that Raven had a better shot at winning the game than I did,” Clines explained.

“If one of us stayed, it would be her. In terms of the money, if Raven were to win, she would do so much with that money and do a lot of good with a lot of people.”

Many Big Brother fans have slammed Matt Clines for blatantly throwing his game and breaking rules. Some diehard fans of the CBS reality show feel that Matt was being disrespectful to the show with his actions. But Clines told Entertainment Weekly his actions were motivated by his desire to ensure that Raven didn’t get sent home.

“I want to be clear: I would never do that to be disrespectful to the game or production,” Matt told EW.

“That was purely out of making sure I got that penalty vote against me so I got evicted and Raven stayed. I never wanted to disrespect the game, the other houseguests, or Big Brother.”

Clines went so far to say that if he hadn’t been in a showmance with Walton, he would never have gotten so far in the Big Brother game.

While Matt Clines is sure of Raven Walton’s abilities, Big Brother host Julie Chen is not as convinced. Chen told Entertainment Weekly that Raven will finally have a chance to really prove herself now that Matt is gone.

“I think Raven will either fade away into the background now that Matt is gone and be a little lost, or she will go the other direction and emerge as a real conniving player who is devious and manipulative,” the Big Brother host said. “This is where we will finally see what she’s really made of… I hope!”

Take a look at the video below to see Matt Clines explain why he threw away his chances for the Big Brother $500,000 prize for Raven Walton.


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