‘Big Brother 19’ Raven Says Matt Will Destroy Cody In Jury For Comments She Claims He Made About Her Fertility

The showmances of Big Brother 19 are being broken up left and right as the houseguests continue to target them, seeing couples as too dangerous to compete with. Another pair was separated Thursday night, as Matthew Clines, who had been cuddling up to Raven Walton on a nightly basis, was sent to the BB19 jury during a live eviction episode.

Matt will be joining fellow former houseguests Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen, who are now all Big Brother 19 jury members. On live feeds, after Matt’s eviction, Raven asserted that there may be a problem in the jury house between Matt and Cody due to a comment she alleges Cody made to her early on in the game.

According to Raven, during the first week of BB19, when live feeds were not yet active, she rebuffed Cody’s advances and his reaction was to comment about her ability to have children. On live feeds, she could be heard telling this story to Matt and Christmas Abbott, stating it all began when she rejected Cody’s attempts to kiss her.

Raven said, “I turned Cody down,” prompting Christmas to ask, “What did he do for you to turn him down… what was it?” Raven could then be seen smiling and stating, “He tried to kiss me.” As she asserted this claim, Raven looked at Matt, presumably to see if he was going to have any sort reaction, but he seemed to be too busy eating to be bothered.

Raven went on to say that she told Cody she loved him as a friend, but he just wasn’t her type. She alleged Cody was understanding but responded to all of this by telling her it wouldn’t have worked out between them anyway because she cannot have children.

This statement caught Matt’s attention, as he looked at Raven and said, “What? He said that to you?” as she nodded in the affirmative. Raven then claimed Cody told her that one day she would meet someone who will accept her and her fertility issues. Matt, visibly angered, then growled, “I could kill that m***** f*****, dude. Oh my God, dude. What a piece of f****** s***.”

See the video below of Raven’s claims regarding Cody (Warning: Video contains strong language).

It should be noted that when Cody was told by Alex Ow and Jason Dent that Raven had also told them the same story, Cody denied all of it. He stated he never touched Raven, was always interested in fellow houseguest Jessica Graf, and would never say anything about Raven’s inability to have children.

See the video below of Cody’s reaction to Raven’s claims (Warning: Video contains strong language).


Nevertheless, Raven told houseguests Thursday night that on the eve of his eviction, knowing that he was set to leave the house and would see Cody very soon, Matt continued to bring up what Raven claims Cody said.

According to Raven, Matt told her that he was going to “crush Cody” and “eat Cody alive” for what was said to her, reports Joker’s Updates. She informed fellow houseguests that she kept telling Matt it was fine, but claims he insisted what Cody allegedly said to her was not OK.

Only time will tell if Matt and Cody have an altercation or a deep discussion about Raven and what was said or not said in the Big Brother 19 house. Because there are two different stories about what took place, someone is not telling the truth but hopefully, Matt will get to the bottom of it.

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