WWE Rumors: Could Kevin Owens Be Turning Babyface Soon?

Kevin Owens has been a top heel on WWE programming ever since his debut. For the past three years, he’s won every singles title the company has to offer with the exception of the WWE Championship. Owens has the found the perfect blend of personality, in-ring style, and ability on the microphone to stay over as a heel despite his storyline. However, that could change sooner rather than later for Owens on WWE television.

During a recent interview with Argus Leader, Kevin Owens discussed the possibility of turning babyface in the near future. In a nutshell, he expressed interest in the challenge and displayed confidence in himself to pull off the turn and get the WWE Universe on his side. Not everyone can pull off becoming a babyface, but Owens comes off as a veteran who can turn himself from a brash arrogance heel into a rebellious good guy.

He’s received a great deal of criticism from a lot of people about his look and physique. As a babyface, that could work in his favor since he possesses an “everyman” look that will make him relatable with a lot more people. Owens revealed that there don’t seem to be any immediate plans for him to become a babyface on SmackDown Live soon, but his creative plans could change after the rivalry with Shane McMahon is over.

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The rivalry between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles over the United States Championship is over. Throughout their feud, Shane McMahon was heavily involved as a referee and that has caused Owens to blame him for his failures. That’s a classic heel move, but it’s intended to begin a rivalry between the two performers. The feud is designed for Owens to remain heel, but there is no telling what will happen after the rivalry is over.

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Owens vs. McMahon is expected to last through WWE Survivor Series in November. It’s worth noting that the last time Shane O’Mac feuded with a top heel, AJ Styles turned babyface following WrestleMania 33, so the same thing could be happening for Kevin Owens over the next couple of months. He has accomplished a great deal as a heel, but the WWE Universe will typically force them to turn babyface when they feel the time is right. A few months down the line, Kevin Owens could find himself in a much different position.

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