WWE News: John Cena Throws Shade At Roman Reigns On Instagram, Compares Feud To Nas Vs. Jay Z Feud From 2001

On WWE Monday Night Raw this past week, John Cena and Roman Reigns began their long-anticipated feud which will culminate in a match at No Mercy. The feud started with Kurt Angle calling John Cena to the ring with a WWE contract to sign to fight Roman Reigns, and Roman refusing to sign it at first, which caused the two to cut scathing promos against each other.

John Cena Disses Roman Reigns On Instagram

By the end, it was John Cena that stood far above Roman Reigns, completely obliterating the young former member of the Shield in front of an audience that quickly all got in Cena’s corner. Cena has since taken to Instagram and posted one of his beloved cryptic photos, and WWE.com said that it was in reference to his feud with Reigns.

The photo was of a classic rap CD single by Nas for the song “Ether.” As WWE.com explained, this was in reference to a diss track by Nas where he completely destroyed Jay Z back in 2001 during the feud between the two rap kings.

It makes all the sense in the world that John Cena would use rap to prove a point, as John is one of the biggest rap fans in the WWE and even released his own album at one point early in his career.

Where Does Roman Reigns Go From Here?

Of course, the problem is that John Cena made Roman Reigns look really bad in that promo. Roman, at one point, stumbled and had to stand there and think for a minute, which caused Cena to launch into an attack by telling Reigns that he needs to learn how to cut promos one day.

It also didn’t help that Roman Reigns came out of the entire situation looking bad. He didn’t want to sign the contract at first because he said he didn’t need to wrestle a part-time star like John Cena since he is there wrestling every day while John shows up when they pay him enough.

It is the same argument that everyone John Cena faces makes against him. Cena then said what he does part time is more than what Roman Reigns will accomplish full time in his entire career. It was a hardcore slam and it will take a lot for Reigns to recover from this.

Of course, as Inquisitr reported earlier today, Triple H said that Roman Reigns has already turned heel and the John Cena feud cements it. Triple H also said that there are Roman fans who won’t boo him anyway, as they proved even after he retired the Undertaker.

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