‘BB19’ Hostess Julie Chen Shares Her Opinion Of The Latest Houseguest Shenanigans

BB19 fans know that Julie Chen has become an expert on the game of Big Brother. She has been the hostess since the first season and watches all the craziness in the game each year. Though she has admitted she can’t pick the winner, she does know good game play when she sees it. Let’s take a look at what she shared this week regarding her thoughts on what is happening in BB19.

Each week Julie Chen answers a few questions for Entertainment Weekly. This week the big thing on Julie’s mind is how Kevin is being treated in the BB19 house. She said the personal attacks he is being subjected to are a result of the paranoia and the other houseguests becoming cutthroat over a $500,000 grand prize. Of course, being locked in a house with the competition only adds to that. The level they have taken it to is sheer craziness, however.

Julie Chen said that Raven having lost Matt at the last eviction may just finally give her the space she may need to become a manipulative player in the game. The only other option is to fade into the background now that Matt is not there to look out for her. He felt confident that Raven has what it takes to emerge as one of the top players in the Big Brother house, however.

When asked about Matt having made the choice to break the Have Not rules and receiving a penalty vote, Julie sees no need to make any changes to the standing rule. See, Matt was unusual because he wanted to be evicted from the BB19 house. Julie feels that the chance of a future player actually wanting to be evicted are slim so there is no need to change the rules.

As far as her thoughts on the eviction of five showmance players in a row, Julie doesn’t think anyone who plays in the future will see this season as a lesson. Every couple thinks they are different and special. Also, there have been several winners who were in a showmance in previous seasons. Julie expects to see more showmances in future seasons of Big Brother, as we watch to see if the players can handle the pressure of a new relationship and the game.

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