Melania In Sleeveless Black Dress As Trump Talks ‘Prayer Sunday,’ Surprises Melania With ‘Great Job’ [Videos]

First Lady Melania Trump stood behind President Donald Trump as he read a statement from the White House about Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. Trump thanked plenty of people and shook the hand of Vice President Mike Pence for his trip to Texas. President Trump called the people of Texas and Louisiana strong and resilient, and Melania spoke about Harvey as well from the Oval Office of the White House, on Friday, September 1. Trump talked about a proclamation making Sunday, September 3 “Prayer Sunday” and said that it has been a long time since the U.S. has had such a day, adding that the country deserved “Prayer Sunday.”

That’s when President Trump surprised Melania by calling on his wife to speak. Trump asked Melania if she wanted to say a few words, and that’s when Melania said it was great to be there with amazing people. Melania said that she wanted to thank all the volunteers for the fantastic job that everyone was doing. Melania advised people to be strong and noted that she and President Trump were “going tomorrow” back to the storm-ravaged region.

“See I didn’t tell her I was going to do that. And she did a great job.”

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President Trump said that he surprised Melania with the chance to say a few words, and Trump complimented Melania for her words and for being put on the spot by her husband without knowing he would ask her to speak. Trump’s tone toward Melania seemed congratulatory, like a parent to a child, as Melania stood behind Trump as he ignored certain questions over whether he believed DACA was illegal. Trump did confirm that he would be traveling with Melania to Texas and Louisiana on Saturday, September 2.

The national day of prayer announced by Trump was one that the president claimed was sorely needed by the nation. Trump claimed that he loved DREAMers, and that he loved everybody, as Trump said that an announcement about DACA should be made this weekend. However, it isn’t clear if Trump putting Melania on the spot to speak was in response to some of the criticism that the first lady has received recently about her fashion choices, including high heels being worn en route to Melania’s trip to Texas with her husband earlier this week.

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