‘Y&R’ Rumors: November Sweeps Shocker — Victor Reveals Adam Newman Is Alive, Christian’s Paternity Secret?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) buzz teases that Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) shocks Nick (Joshua Morrow) with a major bombshell this fall. He reveals to the family that Adam Newman, played by Justin Hartley, is alive, according to CDL. Nick, who is in a relationship with Adam’s widow, Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan), will be devastated to learn that Adam is still alive.

Nick Is Sleeping With His “Dead” Brother’s Wife

Chelsea entered into a relationship with her brother-in-law, Nick, believing that her husband, Adam, was dead. The couple moved in together only recently. When Nick told Chelsea that he wanted them move in together, Chelsea was at first hesitant. However, Nick argued that the time was right for them to take their relationship to the next level. Chelsea asked him to let her think about it, but she eventually agreed.

Neither thought that Adam could have survived the cabin explosion set off by Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Christian’s Paternity Secret: Nick Kept Out Of The Loop

The other significant issue that arises if Adam returns to Genoa City is Christian’s (Jude and Ozzy McGuigen) true paternity. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Victor and Chelsea are both aware of Christian’s true paternity. Adam had shared the information that Christian was his son with Chelsea before he supposedly died in the cabin explosion caused by Chloe.

Christian was thought to be dead at the time that Adam shared the secret with Chelsea. Adam claimed he obtained the information from Christian’s mother, Sage (Kelly Sullivan). Adam forbade Chelsea to reveal the information because he felt it would be inhumane to let Nick know that Christian was not his child at a time that he was grieving his death.

Adam and Chelsea thus agreed to keep the information from Nick on compassionate grounds and it did not seem to matter at the time because Christian was believed to have died.

However, in a shocking plot twist, Christian was later found to be alive and under the care of Sharon Newman, who was then a patient at Fairview Psychiatric Facility. Sandy Anderson, Sharon’s doctor, gave the child to Sharon after he tricked her into believing she had conceieved and given birth to another baby to replace the once she lost to a miscarriage.

Sharon christened the baby Sullivan “Sully” Collins McAvoy.

Sully’s identity as Christian was revealed soon after Adam supposedly died. Nick was contacted and told that his son was alive and he took the baby home as his son.

Christian’s Paternity Secret: Even Victor Knows

When Chelsea learned that Christian had been found, she shared her knowledge about the baby’s paternity with Victor and found to her shock that Victor was also aware of the secret. Victor also suggested to Chelsea that she should keep the truth from Nick on compassionate grounds. He reasoned that it would be inhumane to share such information with Nick at a time that he was celebrating Christian’s return from the dead.

However, with Victor now engaged in a confrontation with Nick, it is likely that he won’t feel the need to continue concealing the information on compassionate grounds. In fact, many Young and the Restless fans had expected that one of Victor’s first moves to hurt Nick would be to reveal the information that Christian is not Nick’s son. Victor’s failure to reveal the information only led to speculation that he was keeping it for release at a moment when it would hit Nick hardest.

Some fans suggested that Victor would likely think that the best time to release the bombshell was just before or after Adam Newman returns to Genoa City.

Will Chelsea Reveal The Truth To Nick Before Victor Does?

However, Chelsea is also privy to the information that Christian is Adam’s son. She would likely understand that Victor might want to use the information as a weapon against Nick. Thus, she could preempt Victor by breaking the news to Nick so as to soften the impact.

Will Kevin Fisher Return With Proof That Adam Is Alive?

Y&R buzz and rumors claim that Kevin Fisher’s (Greg Rikaart) return to Genoa City is intended to set the stage for Adam’s return in the fall. According to some Y&R fans, the only plausible reason why Kevin is returning to Genoa City in September is to clear Chloe’s name by proving that Adam is still alive.

Adam’s return to Genoa City will certainly prove devastating to Nick. How will Chelsea react when she learns that Adam is still alive? She’ll certainly regret making the decision to move in together with Nick.

Regardless of Chelsea’s reaction, Adam’s return to Genoa City will have a devastating impact on Nick’s life. Is Victor deliberately keeping the information that Adam is still alive and that Christian is not his son because he wants to use it later as a death blow in his confrontation with Nick?

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