‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Scott Gimple Shares A Few More Secrets About The Upcoming Season 8

The Walking Dead fans are anxious for news on the upcoming Season 8. Executive producer, Scott Gimple, has already given fans a few clues, but the theme of the season is too self-explanatory to share. Let’s take a look at what we know about what is to come when the wildly popular show returns.

The following may contain The Walking Dead spoilers. If you don’t want to know what may be coming, stop reading now.

Fans know that Season 8 marks a milestone for The Walking Dead. The premiere is set for October 22 and will be the 100th episode of the series. The creative team decided to make it special by attempting one of the best episodes they have ever done. Fans don’t know if that means something emotional or some great special effects will be involved. Whatever they have planned, rest assured there will be more focus on Rick this season as the all out war plays out.

Season 8 will start just where things left off at the Season 7 finale. Rick and his soldiers feel better about the war with Negan knowing how much support they have actually gained. They can now enter the battle with more confidence and be ready to take on the Saviors.

According to TV Cheat Sheet, Scott Gimple recently discussed the show on the Talking Dead. He had told Chris Hardwick that the first four episodes will, “melt people’s minds and break their televisions.” Mighty strong claims so there has to be some big stuff coming in the first month of the season. The storyline of the war will lead to the show moving at a faster pace than last season, which was a problem for some fans in Season 7. With so many moving parts this season, fans may find that at times it seems to move too fast.

When Scott Gimple had been asked by the Hollywood Reporter about Negan’s backstory, he shared that the show wanted to go deeper and earlier into Negan’s life than the comics had. From the comics of Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead fans know that Negan was a coach and teacher, with a wife named Lucille, before the zombie apocalypse. Fans know nothing about his childhood or family life, however.

During Season 7, it seemed that the characters who have become the backbone of The Walking Dead were scattered. This season, fans will get a chance to see them all together again. The war they are fighting against Negan isn’t just about the present, but the future of the apocalyptic world. They are determined to win and have a chance at civilization again.

Scott Gimple isn’t willing to share the theme of Season 8 just yet. He says it would give the whole story away. It must be something like in Season 7 when the theme became to fight to live no matter how bad things got. That is what makes Rick and the gang so loved by The Walking Dead fans, after all. They manage to stick together and continue to protect each other against whatever comes their way.

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