Complaints By Texas Flood Victims Over Harvey Volunteers Getting Served Better Food At Shelter

Hundreds of thousands of Texas flood victims have been taken to shelters at various venues that haven’t been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. The evacuees are grateful for the rescue missions of volunteers, many of whom are putting their lives on the line to save them. A group of victims, however, are complaining that their food choices aren’t as plentiful as the volunteers’.

TMZ reports that some evacuees at the Convention Center are unhappy about the “disparity” in food, with volunteers being served better meals than they’re receiving. Apparently, the volunteers are eating a vast array of food, such as pasta, beans, brownies, waffles, and beverages that consist of malts and shakes. On the flip side, the evacuees are eating hot dogs, beans, and chips.

As the report states, it’d be a lot more expensive to serve the evacuees of Hurricane Harvey and the Texas floods that kind of food than it would be the volunteers. There are a lot more sheltered evacuees than there are volunteers, and those volunteering are there to help in the wake of a widespread catastrophe. Additionally, the food that volunteers are consuming is being brought in from the outside specifically for the volunteers.

It’s important to emphasize that evacuees of Hurricane Harvey and the Texas floods are appreciative of all the help that volunteers are putting in. The natural disaster has resulted in many people coming together to do great things, and that includes donations of food, clothing, and other supplies.

The Texas Tribune published a list of resources for people wanting to help in any way they want for hurricane and flood victims. Food banks are requesting nonperishable food items, such as canned meat and dry food; they’re also asking for cleaning supplies. Anyone interested can contact the Houston Food Bank, Southeast Texas Food Bank in Beaumont, Central Texas Food Bank, Galveston County Food Bank, Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, and Corpus Christi Food Bank. These resources all accept online donations. To view a full list of names and contact information for the food banks, click on the Houston Press’ list here.

Texas flood waters aren’t anticipated to completely recede for about six weeks. Thousands of people will be displaced for a long time, and volunteers are always needed.

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