How Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Are Helping Texas Flood Victims

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s Texas home was not in the path of Hurricane Harvey, so the Counting On stars didn’t have to worry about the catastrophic flooding that displaced thousands from their homes. The Christian couple wants fans to know that they’re safe and that they have provided shelter to a few evacuees.

Jinger Duggar hasn’t tweeted about Hurricane Harvey at all, but Jeremy has shared a few social media updates about how he and his wife are doing in the wake of the devastating storm. Some fans were concerned about the couple because they reside in Texas, but Jinger and Jeremy’s Laredo home is hundreds of miles away from the areas of the state that were most impacted by Hurricane Harvey. On Wednesday, Jeremy Vuolo responded to a Twitter follower who asked him if he and Jinger are doing okay.

“We are. Laredo wasn’t affected. We’ve housed some refugees, though, and are planning a trip North next week. Thanks for checking in!” Jeremy wrote.

The preacher didn’t elaborate on what he and Jinger Duggar would be doing to help Hurricane Harvey victims, but he has retweeted a few messages from Thirsty Ground, a Christian nonprofit that provides disaster relief to locations around the world. According to a post on the Thirsty Ground website, the organization is “forming a small team to leave soon and help a community in Katy, TX with recovery and rebuilding.” Perhaps Jinger and Jeremy plan on joining this team.

Jeremy previously revealed that a few friends of his and Jinger’s had fled Corpus Christi and were staying in Laredo. It’s unclear whether these friends and the “refugees” he recently tweeted about are one and the same. As In Touch Weekly reports, the couple recently purchased a four-bedroom house, so they had space to spare for a few evacuees.

“We are safe here in Laredo & many of our friends from Corpus Christi have evacuated here for the weekend. Praying for those further north,” Jeremy tweeted.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some Duggar fans have criticized the family for not going to Texas to help out with the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. The Duggars reside in the neighboring state of Arkansas, and they own multiple planes that they could use to fly down to the Houston area. None of Jinger Duggar’s family members have said that they have any plans to do so, but two of their close friends from Tennessee have been rescuing flood victims. On Wednesday, Lawson Bates took to Instagram to reveal that he and his brother, Nathan, were heading out in a boat in search of stranded survivors.

Lawson is one of the the stars of the UPtv reality series Bringing Up Bates. As Entertainment Tonight reports, the aspiring country singer was once rumored to be in a courtship with Jinger Duggar, but fans’ hopes of their two favorite families of 19 being joined by marriage were dashed when Jinger announced that she had found love with former soccer pro Jeremy Vuolo.

Because Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo aren’t heading to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey until next week, it’s unlikely that they’ll be joining Lawson on a boat. Instead, they may volunteer to help with cleanup or handing out supplies. Fans will have to stay tuned to see whether the Counting On cameras follow them to document their do-gooding.

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