‘Overwatch’ Competitive Season 6 Officially Announces New Additions

Overwatch competitive play Season 6 has officially launched. While there have been a lot of rumors as to what changes are in store for gamers, Blizzard officially listed all the new changes for the fresh season, including the new time-frame, point system, and more.

Here is a look at all the changes for Overwatch competitive play Season 6.

Season Length Shortened, Rewards Changed

The biggest change comes in the length of the Overwatch competitive seasons. According to director Jeff Kaplan, the breaks in between seasons felt too long and there was also a problem when it came to people playing less in the middle of the longer seasons. As a result, the seasons will no longer be three months and will, instead, stop after two months.

According to Blizzard, this gives Overwatch players a chance to complete placement matches and try to hit the rank they desire. However, with the shorter seasons, that means there will be more seasons in a shorter time, so there will be less Competitive Points awarded at the end of each season.

With that said, there will be more points in competitive play itself. Now, players get 15 points for a win (instead of 10) and five points for a tie (instead of three). This means fewer points at the end of the Overwatch competitive season, but a much better chance for points for those who play and win a lot.

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Tier And Rating Updates

The next change involves demotions. Originally, only the top tier players ended up demoted when they lost too many games. Now, everyone from the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels can find themselves moved to lower tiers based on performance.

The good news is that players will receive season ending Overwatch rewards based on the highest level they achieved, even if they end up knocked down. Players can drop a tier if they play five games in a row that are not at the quality expected of their level.

Also, if players don’t play five Overwatch competitive games a week, they only lose 25 skill rating points instead of the 50 they used to lose if they didn’t hit seven games.

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Skill Rating Changes

In previous Overwatch competitive seasons, gamers’ skill ratings were lowered at the start of the season and after they were placed in a tier. That will no longer happen, so everyone will start with their accurate total of skill points based on their placement.

Finally, Blizzard reported that in Overwatch competitive Season 6, adjustments have been made to how much skill ratings the players earn or lose after wins and losses. The company said they hope this will fix the anomalies reported in Season 5 of the game.

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