‘NCIS’ Season 15 Premiere Spoilers: Washington Team Goes On A Gibbs-McGee Search

Most NCIS fans know that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) were captured by rebels after a fallout in Paraguay in the cliffhanger Season 14 finale. A teaser photo from the premiere episode has already surfaced, showing the two agents tied up and sporting beards — and with Gibbs looking quite roughed up.

It was also revealed that Gibbs and McGee have been held prisoners by the rebels for two months since Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) left the area following the rescue mission of the Navy SEAL. The NCIS Washington team has no idea of the two agents’ whereabouts, but they will embark on a relentless search when Season 15 starts.

The premiere episode of NCIS Season 15 is titled, “House Divided.” As stated in the synopsis, the NCIS team will go on a tireless search for Gibbs and McGee after two months. Vance (Rocky Carroll) and Torres will appear before a congressional hearing to discuss the events in Paraguay.

Reports have suggested that Torres might feel guilty for leaving behind Gibbs and McGee and that the other members of the team might put the blame on him. But it’s possible that in the hearing, he, along with the others, will discuss what can and will be done to bring Gibbs and McGee home safely.

What happened in Paraguay will certainly bring big changes to the season. Valderrama himself said during an interview with ET Canada that NCIS Season 15 is expected to have more action.

“What’s also really great is that the team has found a different dynamic, there’s a different energy, same magic, but the team is excited.”

Valderrama’s Torres will also be one of the interesting changes that will happen in NCIS Season 15. The character, who is known for going too deep during his undercover days, usually keeps to himself. When he first joined NCIS, he was mostly a loner, but as this new season comes, fans will see him open up to others more. Torres will know how it is to have someone’s back and also depend on others for help.

Wilmer Valderrama plays Torres. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

NCIS showrunner Frank Cardea revealed to Parade that fans will see a new side to Torres immediately in the second episode.

“He is becoming more of a team player now. He realizes he can trust these people now.”

In Valderrama’s earlier interview with Parade, he revealed how Torres will take more responsibility for his actions and make sure he becomes a good asset to the team. He also hinted how Gibbs sees him as a potential leader.

Meanwhile, check out some of the latest photos from the premiere episode of NCIS Season 15 here.

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