Animals In ‘The Sims 4’ Are Not Directly Controllable, But Sims Can Influence Them In ‘Cats & Dogs’

With furry friends finally coming to The Sims 4 later this year, players of the simulation game are curious about how animals will function in the game. In the history of the series, pets have generally fallen into two different types of control. In The Sims 2, players could not directly control a pet like they could a Sim. In The Sims 3, players could select a pet and control it just like they could a Sim.

In the “Cats & Dogs” expansion for The Sims 4, players will not be able to directly control a pet according to the game’s website. Control of cats and dogs will be similar to the way they were featured in The Sims 2. In this expansion, players can expect to see the companions act on their own impulses rather than completely managing another entity in the household.

That is not to say that cats and dogs in The Sims 4 cannot be influenced by their owners. Sims can definitely call on their pets, ask them to do something, or direct them to not do something. Like their real-life counterparts, animals in the game have their own lives and let their Sims know what they need when it suits them.

Players and Sims will still be able to know what their pet needs. [Image by Electronic Arts]

Since players cannot directly control pets, that leaves animals’ actions mostly surprising. They can, however, have a Sim request certain things from their pets. Cats and dogs can be directed to sleep in specific places, beckoned to a Sim’s side, and much more. Pets will mostly live on their own in tandem with Sims, though. Of course, an owner will need to care for their pet, but the player cannot take full control of a pet to manage their needs. Instead, the dynamic between animals and Sims will mirror the relationship between real pets and people by letting pets function without the player’s full control.

“Cats & Dogs” releases on November 10, adding both pet types, new items for Sims, furniture, and more to the game. Cats and dogs can be customized between different breeds, and players can even “paint” their pets with specific patterns. Players can become a veterinarian in the expansion, letting them care for a whole area’s growing pet population according to the Origin website.

Brindleton Bay is the new world available to owners of “Cats & Dogs.” [Image by Electronic Arts]

As the Inquisitr reported, “Cats & Dogs” also adds the world of Brindleton Bay and pets can be dressed up for the first time in the series. The expansion is set to release on November 10 for The Sims 4.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]

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