Niall Horan Says His Solo Career Will Never Reach The Level Of Fame That One Direction Did

Niall Horan is embarking on a sold out solo tour after playing his first solo show on August 29 in Dublin. While the singer is clearly pulling in a solid audience in his first official outing after One Direction announced they were going on hiatus, that does not mean that he believes that he will ever achieve the fame that his group did. In fact, in a new interview, Horan makes it clear that while he is both nervous and excited for his solo tour, he knows that he will never be able to reach “the height of fame” that One Direction was able to.

Even with two successful singles, “Slow Hands” and “This Town,” already under his belt, Niall Horan admitted to the Irish Sun that he knows that no matter what he does moving forward it will never be as big as what he was able to achieve as part of One Direction. The singer even said that this is something all of the members of the group feel as they move into their own solo careers. According to Horan, “no matter what, or how hard” he tries he will never match what the group was able to achieve and he is alright with that.

While Niall Horan may not believe that he will be able to achieve the success that One Direction did, he shared that he is a “music lover” and all he wants to do is “give my money’s worth to ­people and give their money’s worth back to them,” as well as have a good time.

Originally, it seems that Horan had no intentions of releasing a solo album, or even embarking on a solo career. Instead, the singer said that he honestly had no idea what he was planning to do after One Direction went on hiatus. Horan said he found himself just sitting around, with nothing to do. At the time, he knew that he wanted to travel, but beyond that he had no real plans.

Although Niall Horan knew he wanted to write music, this did not mean he saw himself performing those songs. After heading into the studio to put together some songs, he ended up playing them for his management team, who felt that he was the perfect person to perform the work he had done. While he may have started out writing the music in order to keep his mind working and to simply do what he loves, it was his management that was able to show him that he needed to be the one to release the songs he was working on.

Niall Horan might not feel like his solo career will ever reach the levels of success that One Direction achieved, but he is certainly feeling plenty of “relief” over the success of his first two solo singles. For now, the singer is just hoping that he can “earn” some fans of his own before One Direction reunites in the future.

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