Baby Jackson Makes Another Visit To The Roloff Farms As Grandpa Matt Gushes Over Having A Great Day

Matt Roloff, star of the reality show Little People, Big World, can’t help but gush over his grandchild Jackson especially when the little bundle of joy visits him at the Roloff Farms. This time, Matt got to spend some quality time with Jackson giving the Roloff patriarch a reason to proclaim that moment a “great day!”

Jackson, of course, is not the only one to pay Matt a visit at the farm. The elder Roloff previously posted a photo of himself with his twin sons Zach and Jeremy. The three Roloff men are eagerly waiting for Jer’s daughter to be born as Audrey has just about reached her due date, which is September 1.

Matt acts like any other proud grandfather. He posted another photo on Facebook, this time with Zach’s son Jackson. The photo shows a grinning Matt sitting on the couch in his office and carrying the young Jackson on his lap.

“It’s another Great Day to be a grandpa on Roloff Farm.”

Sadly, there are still some who find fault in the photo despite the joy and innocence it exudes. The harsh comments were, however, quickly overcome by an outpouring of support from fans. One person, in particular, reminded everyone that “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Matt has been busy lately with business and a few other projects. He recently flew out of town for a business trip in which he chanced upon Zach, Tori, and Jackson at the airport. The young family was headed to California to visit Tori’s grandmother. The three also found some time to take a detour to Disneyland.

Back at the Roloff Farms, Matt is keeping himself occupied with a trio of new secret DIY projects, which he has yet to unveil. Business trips and DIY projects aside, Matt still knows how to take some time off and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Matt held an eclipse-viewing party at the Roloff Farms just a week ago. And based on the short video he posted on his Facebook account, it looks like Matt and the gang had a blast.

While Matt is enjoying himself at home, his former wife Amy is spending some time on the road. Amy is on a cross-country tour with his new man, Chris Marek. Some fans have questioned the timing of the trip as Audrey is just about to pop. Hollywood Gossip even speculated that not everyone in the Roloff family is particularly excited with the upcoming birth of Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter.

As mentioned, Matt and Zach, along with Tori and Jackson, went on separate trips, jeopardizing their chances to be with the couple as they welcome their baby girl. But as Matt’s recent posts indicate, they are all back at the Roloff Farms and eagerly awaiting the newest addition to the Roloff clan. All except Amy, perhaps. So far, there haven’t been any new Facebook and Instagram posts from Amy since she started her road trip about a week ago. For now, fans can only speculate as to where she is at the moment and if she can make it back in time to see her daughter-in-law give birth to her granddaughter.

Amy tried to squash the negativity surrounding her trip when she responded to her detractors on Facebook. She said that, “just because I and my family put our lives on TV doesn’t mean respect, decency, and kindness goes out the window.”

“We love Jer and Auj and can’t wait to meet baby girl. She could arrive early, on time or late. We’ll all be there to love her bunches.”

As for Matt and Baby Jackson, the duo is surely enjoying the time they have left before another Roloff baby comes and joins the fray. As one follower pointed out, “Wait until the little girl comes, Matt. You will have one on each knee.” Perhaps the comment by another fan best describes the future for Matt. It goes, “you will have your arms and your heart so filled with love for those precious babies!”

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]

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