‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Matt Clines Still Violating House Rules, Ready To Get Paid To Be In ‘BB19’ Jury

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Matt Clines is still violating the rules of being a Have Not this season. The newest BB19 jury member, as there is really no surprise about what will take place at the Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night (August 31), continues to break the rules with no real consequences. Matt is enjoying the good life and preparing to get paid to go spend the rest of the summer sequestered in a mansion and awaiting his chance to help select the Big Brother 19 winner.

An overnight report by fan site Joker’s Updates revealed that after sleeping in a comfortable bed next to showmance partner Raven Walton, Matt Clines woke up to go to the kitchen and enjoy another bowl of cereal. Two of the most important rules of being a Have Not in the BB19 house are sleeping in the designated room on the uncomfortable beds and only eating slop or pre-approved food items. He will likely enjoy another hot shower later in the morning, which is also against the rules.

The CBS live feeds have provided quite a few Big Brother 19 spoilers about the situation, with Matt Clines refusing to follow a lot of the rules that houseguests agree to when they appear on the reality competition show. His original intent was to make sure that the rest of the BB19 cast couldn’t evict Raven Walton this week, but he has continued with behavior that a lot of fans are calling “unfair” in social media posts. If the production team cannot get Matt to follow the rules, why would any other cast member need to?

There are just eight houseguests left competing for the $500,000 prize this summer and the August 31 Eviction Ceremony is going to drop that number to just seven. This could have been the time for the rest of the BB19 cast to punish Matt Clines for his actions and behavior in the house by voting out Raven Walton instead. That would require a bold move from a cast that doesn’t really seem capable of doing that this summer. Instead, easily predictable Big Brother 19 spoilers for Thursday night can be revealed.

Some CBS viewers may not even realize what is taking place in the game, as the August 30 episode only covered what took place up until the Veto Ceremony. That was where Raven Walton and Matt Clines got blindsided by Jason Dent, who decided to not use the Power of Veto to backdoor Kevin Schlehuber. Now the floating showmance of the BB19 cast is about to get broken up. As previous Big Brother 19 spoilers have revealed, Matt is receiving one penalty vote for breaking the rules, but many fans feel the consequences should be more severe.

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