LG V30 Release Date, Price Specs, Features: All You Need To Know About The Galaxy Note 8 Challenger

LG finally announced the LG V30, which seeks to rival the also recently revealed Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phablet underwent a major redesign, adopting 2017-esque features that will put it at the top of the rivalry, and internal upgrades that will make sure that its performance is on par with the other flagships.

LG V30 Specs Reveal A Powerhouse

The LG V30 is packed with the latest technology. Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC paired with 4GB RAM, the phablet competes with the top flagships of 2017. There’s also a 3,300 mAh battery that you can charge wirelessly or via the USB-C port. It comes with 64GB internal storage, but you can expand it up to 256GB using a microSD.

LG also made sure to equip the V30 with some nice beats and a pair Bang &Olufsen Play earphones. The phablet comes with a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC with digital filters and sound presets, Tech Advisor reported. The set-up makes the LG V30 the first to support MQA tech.

LG V30 Design Is Curvier This Time

The LG V30’s resemblance to the Galaxy flagships is the first thing you’ll notice of the phablet. The South Korean company finally ditched the flat screen, which is still present in the LG G6 smartphone flagship, in favor of a slightly curved AMOLED display.

[Image by Michael Sohn/AP Images]

The move resulted to a sleek six-inch bezel-less Gorilla Glass 5 with 2,880 x 1,440 resolution. LG V30 makes use of all the screen real estate. The second screen found on other V flagships has been replaced by a floating bar, which can be dismissed when not in use. Tech Spot notes that while the feature is indeed handy, its usefulness still depends on the user.

At the back is a Gorilla Glass 4 panel that LG claims to have passed “14 military-standard durability tests.” The dual cameras are back, with one of them having a market-leading f/1.6 aperture on a 16-megapixel lens. This allows the LG V30 to snap photos with better quality in low light conditions. You can unlock the phone using the 5-megapixel camera at the front, which is in charge of facial recognition.

The fingerprint scanner sits nicely below the camera set-up, avoiding issues found on the Galaxy S8’s unusual set-up that made its way to the Note 8. This is the second way of unlocking the phone, with the third being voice recognition.

LG V30 Release Date, Price Information Coming Soon

The LG V30 grand reveal did not disclose when its release date will be, but according to TechRadar, the U.S. is looking at September 17 as the start of pre-orders. In South Korea, the phablets are arriving as early as September 21. Other countries will follow, which means that the device may arrive to the Western shores towards the end of the month.

[Image by Michael Sohn/AP Images]

As for the price, the LG V30’s handsome design and offerings should have already clued you in. Although the cost in each market has not yet been announced, expect to pay upwards of $700. The LG V30 Plus should be more expensive, but LG has yet to confirm which markets it will be released to.

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