GFW Impact Wrestling Champion Reveals Whether He Thinks Alberto El Patron Should Return From Suspension

GFW Impact Wrestling is trying really hard to shake the stigma of the Dixie Carter regime. They faltered at first when they brought in an established star in Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio from the WWE) and handed him the world title – a move that Dixie Carter might have pulled. However, last week, the company made an interesting move and put their GFW world title on Eli Drake, giving the star his first ever world title reign.

Eli Drake talks Alberto El Patron’s GFW future

Eli Drake took part in a GFW Impact Wrestling conference call with the press today and Wrestling Inc asked him about the status of Alberto El Patron. When they asked if he thought that Patron should return to GFW, Drake was pretty straightforward with his opinion.

Eli Drake said that he isn’t sure that GFW Impact Wrestling even needs to bring Alberto El Patron back at all. Eli also said that he wasn’t going to dig too deep into that situation because of all the controversy surrounding it.

At the end of the day, Drake said that GFW doesn’t need that controversy but that he doesn’t know what the future holds. It was a refreshing statement that didn’t necessarily toe the company line but also didn’t marginalize the allegations against Patron.

Eli Drake and GFW Impact Wrestling

The loss of Alberto El Patron was the gain of Eli Drake. After years of struggling to get a chance, GFW finally chose to put their faith in him to run with their world title. While putting it on someone like Alberto El Patron or Bobby Lashley is the safe move, putting it on Eli is a way to show that they want to maybe build a future.

That also doesn’t bode well for someone like Alberto El Patron. His arrival in GFW Impact Wrestling may have helped out in Mexico with the fans there but the company still has LAX and are looking at bringing in Rey Mysterio. There is no reason to keep someone like Patron around with all the baggage he carries.

The arrival of Patron did not pop the ratings and there is no reason to think that Eli Drake’s title reign will hurt the ratings. There is a good chance that Eli will start some feuds with other young stars like Ethan Carter III and Braxton Sutter and veterans like James Storm and Johnny Impact.

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