When Your Collection Grows Too Big, You Find A Way To ‘Display Your Mouse Ears’ With These Awesome Creations

Minnie Ear Headbands are growing more and more popular with every single day, and with each purchase comes the problem of figuring out how and where to store them. With different colors, different styles, and different character versions coming out, fans want to pick up as many of the Disney souvenirs as possible. It’s just that they aren’t the easiest things to store without messing them up, but now, there is a great way to display your mouse ears.

If you look around the internet, there are so many people with their own Etsy stores or online shops that sell their creations. Some are fine while others are subpar, and then there are those that stand above all of the rest.

That last category is where the Display Your Mouse Ears stands fall and creator Kirstie Bobitch realizes that her creation wasn’t just trendy, but a necessity.

“I’ve been an avid ear purchaser for about 10 years. After a while, my collection started to build up and I had no safe way to store them. I started putting them in boxes…in flat boxes under my bed…or even stand them up on Vans shoe boxes.”

With a very crafty family, they all worked together and came up with an idea that would not only solve her issue but the problem for a lot of people. That is how the Display Your Mouse Ears stand became a reality.

The official name for the creations are Mouse Ear Displays, and they are made of wood and a “pillow-y” material that is covered in different styles of fabric. When looking through Kirstie’s collection of different stands, you can see there are all sorts of different fabrics from Mickey to Minnie to Disney Princesses to simple designs.

The regular two-level Mouse Ear Displays sell for just $48 while some bigger options which include Mickey Ear Hat holders or bracelet displays can sell for $75 and $68, respectively. There is even a single version of the Mouse Ear Displays that sells for just $38.

Many people have come up with some rather creative ways to keep their mouse ears safe when not wearing them, but they aren’t all very feasible. Some have hung the headbands on the wall and put wooden frames around them. Others have put them in boxes filled with padding. There are even those who lay them all out on the floor in extra bedrooms.

While those may sound cute, they aren’t always a good idea and can really clutter up a place in a hurry. Kirstie says that the reaction to the Mouse Ear Displays has been off the charts and people are happy to finally have a place to showcase all of their collection.

“It’s been extremely positive. We’ve been so fortunate to have such a positive reaction from fellow Disney enthusiasts. My family works as a team so we’re able to get back to questions, custom order requests, and purchases very quickly. We make a great product, if I do say so myself, with great quality. They’re very sturdy and they keep our precious collections safe. I think the combination of these things play a huge role in the reactions that we receive and the success we have had.”

It isn’t just Kirstie who is happy with her family’s creation but everyone else as well.

One of the great things about Display Your Mouse Ears is that they are willing to work with customers as well. If someone wants a custom fabric for their stand, they have ways to make that a reality. They’re also very quick with their work, as shipments can go out three to five days from placement of an order or even the next day in some instances.

When heading to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or simply shopping around online, fans of the mouse are going to find a lot of things to buy. Minnie Ear Headbands have been popular for a long time, but that is only growing, and it will continue to do so, but you don’t want to ruin them after getting them home. That’s why you need to look into the Display Your Mouse Ears stands, which are sturdy, affordable, and completely brilliant.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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