WWE News: Chris Jericho Says Enzo Amore Is Bulletproof But Has To Be Carried In A Good Match

When it comes to speaking one’s mind, Chris Jericho ranks right up there with Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, Jericho is still working as a wrestler on occasion, so he always has a slight pro-WWE slant in his comments, and his most recent discussion on Sirius-XM’s Busted Open Radio proves that.

Chris Jericho on Enzo Amore

The hosts asked Chris Jericho about comments he made once back on his own podcast about Enzo Amore and asked his opinion about Enzo being moved to 205 Live and off of the main Monday Night Raw roster. According to Y2J, it is a great idea.

Jericho said that he once told Neville in an interview that he would one day end up wrestling Enzo Amore in the cruiserweight division. However, Jericho also had some less than flattering comments about Enzo when he told Neville that he would have to carry Amore to a good match.

When it comes to the backstage heat that Enzo Amore has received in the WWE, which includes Roman Reigns kicking him off of the tour bus, Chris didn’t seem concerned and called Amore “bulletproof.” Jericho talked about Enzo’s “over-the-top” personality that will keep him in a major spot in the WWE despite his less-than-stellar wrestling skills.

Chris Jericho’s advice to Neville

When it comes to Enzo Amore moving from Monday Night Raw to 205 Live, Chris Jericho believes that it is a good thing. The feud with Big Cass ended early because of Cass’ leg injury that could keep him out of action for the next year.

By putting Enzo Amore, one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE when it comes to crowd reaction, on 205 Live, Y2J said that it will bring more “eyeballs and attention” to the struggling show. Not only can the WWE bring more people to the show on the WWE Network, but Enzo will also continue to show up on Raw, who controls the rights to the cruiserweight show.

Jericho said that he told Neville months ago that he would one day end up defending his cruiserweight title against Enzo Amore. Jericho said that he told Neville, who is one of the top workers on the roster, that it is his job to make Enzo look good. He also said that Amore is great enough to pull that feat off.

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