Kanye West, Addict? New Report Suggests That The Rapper Used Excessive Drugs & Alcohol Before Breakdown

There is, perhaps, no question that Kanye West is susceptible to meltdowns. We first saw signs of that when his mother passed away, and he would frequently have breakdowns onstage (which, frankly, were justified). Unfortunately, at one point, the rapper was forced to cancel his tour, and sued his insurance company for $10 million to reimburse him for the loss.

A new report, however, suggests that Kanye West has now been hit with a counter-suit by the insurance company, who claims that they won’t honor his claim because they believe it was excessive drugs and alcohol, not mental illness, that caused his breakdown.

According to Radar Online, Lloyd’s of London has said exclusively that the claim filed by Kanye West has been “neither approved nor denied,” but that their policy specifically states that if it is found that the insured doesn’t honor his or her commitments to touring due to alcohol and drug abuse, they are not required to pay out on the policy.

And this is something that West himself has admitted, in a roundabout way: that Lloyd’s of London (of course, his claim is that Lloyd’s of London isn’t honoring his claim because he’s been “smoking weed”) is doing just that.

And, according to the Hollywood Reporter, when Lloyd’s of London did their research into Kanye West and his claims, they discovered that there were “inconsistencies” in what he was claiming was the issue that forced him to cancel the tour, and what the real issues were that forced him to cancel the tour.

“Underwriters’ investigation indicates substantial irregularities in Mr. West’s medical history,” states the court papers. “Furthermore the insured’s failure to cooperate in Underwriters’ investigation is contrary to the duties of cooperation VGT agreed to as a condition precedent to any obligation of Underwriters to pay any claim arising under the Policies.”

And while Lloyd’s of London hasn’t made clear what these “irregularities” are, formally, they claim that they’re keeping the details private out of respect for Kanye West and his medical privacy.

However, the Hollywood Reporter suggests that the fact that they’re keeping it quiet implies that they know which way the proverbial wind is blowing, and it isn’t in favor of Kanye West.

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