‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: August 30 Episode Recap, Did The Power Of Veto Get Used?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the August 30 episode include who won the Power of Veto. The intent of this episode was to show what had taken place in the BB19 house over the weekend, including who won the Veto Competition and whether or not the Power of Veto got used at the Veto Ceremony. This Episode 30 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, August 30, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported in the Big Brother 19 August 27 recap, Jason Dent won the Head of Household this week, allowing him the opportunity to target two people for eviction. Jason nominated Raven Walton and Matt Clines, placing them up on the block while convincing them that they were only pawns again this week. Neither Raven nor Matt seemed that concerned about the nominations, especially after Paul Abrahamian assured them that the real target for Week 9 was Kevin Schlehuber.

The August 30 Big Brother 19 recap picked up following the Nomination Ceremony, with Jason Dent stating in a Diary Room session that he was targeting Matt Clines for eviction this week. Meanwhile, he was shown comforting Matt and Raven Walton in the BB19 house, trying to keep them feeling safe as the Veto Competition approached. Paul Abrahamian was also shown comforting Raven, telling her that she was going to be safe.

Raven and Matt had a conversation a bit later, with Matt assuring her that if he won the Power of Veto, he would then use it to save her rather than himself. Alex Ow and Jason Dent were also shown having a conversation, where Alex talked about it being time to send Kevin Schlehuber to the BB19 jury house. Jason let her talk about it, but he wasn’t really interested in putting up Kevin at this point. As many Big Brother 19 spoilers have already indicated, though, Jason has a very tight friendship with Kevin.

Selected to play for the Power of Veto were Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian, and Kevin Schlehuber. They would be joining Jason Dent, Matt Clines, and Raven Walton at the Veto Competition later in Episode 30. This also meant that only Alex Ow and Christmas Abbott would be sitting out the competition. The competition itself was a familiar one, which would lead to the BB19 house getting completely trashed by the six contestants.

The Veto Competition involved each houseguest taking a turn hiding their veto card in the BB19 house, with a time limit of three minutes attached to it. The houseguests would then take turns searching the house for those cards and the winner of the Power of Veto would be the competitor who didn’t have their card found. These particular Big Brother 19 spoilers were seen on the live feeds, as the house got destroyed as people searched for the cards, often times doing it on purpose to have “fun” in the process.

Raven Walton went first in the Veto Competition but found nothing in the house. Matt Clines found nothing on his turn as well. Paul Abrahamian didn’t find anything either. Josh Martinez and Kevin Schlehuber also failed on their turns, but Jason Dent found a veto card on his turn. Then the houseguests started taking second turns. Raven was the second one to find a card and she was also the third one. Matt found the fourth and then Jason found the fifth one.

It turned out that the only veto card that wasn’t found was the one that Jason Dent had hidden. This means that Jason had won the Power of Veto again and would maintain control over his Week 9 nominations. He acted like it was going to be a very tough decision to make at the Veto Ceremony, stating that his head and stomach hurt. His choice would certainly change the BB19 cast in a big way before the August 30 Big Brother 19 episode came to an end.

Jason approached Kevin about being a pawn, but Kevin wasn’t really interested, so Jason decided to head into the Veto Ceremony without making any changes. The Power of Veto did not get used this week, meaning it is going to be Raven Walton and Matt Clines on the block at the August 31 Eviction Ceremony. That brings an end to the latest Big Brother 19 recap and sets the stage for the final showmance to get broken up this week.

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