‘BB19’ Must Have Different Rules Than When Chima Was In ‘Big Brother 11’ And Removed For Breaking The Rules

Big Brother fans are a dedicated group. Season after season the superfans tune in to watch the drama unfold in the house as a group of strangers are locked in together and have to figure out who to trust. The rules are an important aspect of the game and set up a few boundaries that should never be crossed, however.

The following will contain BB19 spoilers. If you want to be surprised at what may make the editorial cut, now is the time to stop reading.

The only reading material allowed in the BB19 house is the Bible and the BB19 rule book. In case someone needs a refresher on what is and isn’t allowed, it is readily available to them. Matt Cline seems to have forgotten that just as Chima Simone did in Season 11.

In BB11, Chima Simone was on the block when she went rogue. She broke rule after rule over a matter of hours, not days, but hours. According to Big Brother Network, Allison Grodner, executive producer of the long-running reality show, made the announcement that Chima was expelled from the game for breaking multiple rules. They had asked her repeatedly to cooperate and follow the rules, just as they have Matt Cline, but she had refused.

This summer on BB19 we have that situation again. Houseguest Matt Cline is a Have Not with an attitude. Knowing that either himself or Raven is going to the jury this Thursday led him to make the choice to save Raven. After eating regular food, live feeders overhead an announcement to the BB19 houseguests that Matt had received a penalty vote as the rules state. Since then, live feed viewers have heard, “Matt, stop that,” for warm showers, sleeping where he wants, and continuing to eat anything he wants. Why so lenient with Matt after expelling Chima after only a few hours?

The rules of Big Brother 19 have definitely been violated. With Matt refusing to conform to the rules and let the eviction happen as he signed on for, fans are weighing in on social media. The sentiment expressed is a lack of support for Matt and his disrespect for the game. If he doesn’t want to follow the rules, send him home. Not to the jury, but send him out of the game and make him ineligible for America’s Favorite Player. As superfans of Big Brother have said, no one should be allowed to remain in a game they don’t want to play.

How do you feel about Matt still being in the BB19 house after days of rule breaking? Do you feel he should have been ejected as Chima was? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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