‘DOOL’ Recap And Spoilers: John Hatches Escape Plan, Myron Implicates Raines, Judge Knows What Nicole Did

It’s Wednesday, which marks the midpoint of the Days of Our Lives weekly drama on NBC. DOOL viewers watched today’s episode on the edge of their seats. The storyline was filled with compassion, discovery, and suspense.

John lovingly helped Marlena through the traumatic experience of being locked inside the sanitarium. With absolute compassion, John had his beloved close her eyes and asked her to picture the two of them alone together. Out of love, Marlena was able to picture John’s words, and his suggesting voice began to calm her nerves. On today’s episode of DOOL, John told Marlena that he is beginning to hatch an escape plan.

Since the orderly had just recently brought lunch, the pair has more time before he comes back with dinner and medication. John promised Marlena that he is going to bust them out of their imprisonment today, but in order to do so, the plan has to go step-by-step. The first step of the plan is getting free of their straight jackets.

John easily frees himself, however, Marlena had trouble with hers and became extremely frustrated. John was able to calm Marlena and talk her through the process. DOOL fans watched with pride as Marlena was eventually able to break herself free from her restraints. John has instructed Marlena, when the orderly returns to serve dinner, to run and not look back. Does the escape plan mark the beginning of the end of Hattie’s story line?

On the other side of Salem, Hope and Rafe stopped by Dario’s club to speak with Myron. They know Commissioner Raines is guilty of working with Dario in the counterfeiting scheme and are looking for evidence to implicate him, ultimately freeing Abe Carver from behind bars.

Hope and Rafe walked in as Myron was speaking to Raines on the phone. Myron told Hope that Raines stopped by the club the night before because he wanted to take a look at Dario’s records. Hope informed Myron that his immunity isn’t set in stone and helping them is his best option. Raines didn’t make notes of the chat he had with Myron, and Rafe placed more pressure on Myron to talk. Myron admitted that the commissioner said he would kill him if he didn’t frame Mayor Carver.

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Brady and Nicole arrived at the courthouse with Justin. The judge wished to speak to them and has called an early hearing in regard to Nicole’s custody of Holly. Eric has been asked to stand on Nicole’s behalf, and Chloe joined him. Nicole, claiming to be thirsty, left the room with Chloe. This gave Brady and Eric a chance to talk.

Brady apologized to Eric for the way that he has been treating him. Eric wrapped his arms around Brady in a brotherly hug and told Brady that he would do anything for him. DOOL fans are painfully aware that this includes Eric putting his love for Nicole aside.

When Justin came back to the group, he told Nicole of a message he had just received from the judge. DOOL viewers were left hanging at the end of the episode when Justin claimed the judge knows what Nicole did. Days of Our Lives fans, what do you think the judge is talking about? What does he know?

The following paragraphs contain DOOL content that has not yet aired. If you wish to remain surprised during daily viewing, please do not continue to read past this point.

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There is absolutely no doubt that Brady is in love with Nicole, however, DOOL fans know that he has been making mistake after mistake since they have been back in Salem. Blasting News reported DOOL spoilers that suggest Brady’s next mistake may end their relationship.

The judge is aware that Nicole has been in contact with Holly during their separation. He knows that she held baby Holly and had photos hung around her crib. As a result, everyone assumes that Nicole may not get the custody that her heart desires. Out of desperation, Brady attempts to bribe a court official. The judge catches wind of Brady’s attempted buy-off, jeopardizing Nicole’s chances of ever getting her little girl out of foster care. When Nicole finds out about Brady’s actions, she is furious. DOOL viewers remember that Deimos made the same move, which resulted in an end to the relationship. Spoilers reveal that Brady’s bribe may have the same result.

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