Kate Middleton: How The Duchess Brings The Royal Family Together, ‘Normal’ Mom To Little Ones

Kate Middleton is admired by the masses for a number of reasons, including her ability to take on the role as wife to the future king seamlessly and wear the title of Duchess of Cambridge after being raised in a middle-class family, in addition to insisting on normalcy being integrated into the daily life of her family. As Vogue relays, Middleton is even planning to be a “normal” mom on Prince George’s first day of school.

There are also always rave reviews about Kate’s fashion sense and striking beauty, in addition to the slew of reasons that the public is wowed by her.

Many have even gone so far as to compare Middleton to Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, due to the royal’s constant benevolent activism concerning mental health awareness. The Duchess’ positive impact on the royal family is also being noted as of late.

The 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing understandably caused heavy hearts among members of the royal family and staff that were close to the late beauty. Reportedly, Kate Middleton has taken on an important role by supporting her husband and his brother, Prince Harry, through the difficult time, especially when so many royal watchers and enthusiasts blame Prince Charles and his now-wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, for Diana’s death.

Closer shares words exclusively spoken by a royal author and expert on the family, Phil Dampier, who relays that “Several polls have shown that… people blame Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall for what happened to Diana.”

This outcome has shocked members of the royal family, including Princess Diana’s sons, who are said to be “devastated” by this results. Dampier explains why, stating, “[They are] devastated… They were expecting a bit of a reaction but nothing on this scale. ”

The author also describes the benefit that Kate Middleton has been to the princes, indicating that “[Kate] has been encouraging William and Harry to talk to their father about these issues and not ignore them… They have realized she talks a lot of sense,”

Middleton is a wholesome mother of two and as the royal insider states, not “tainted by scandal,” which allows the duchess to have a sensible view and to give necessary and needed advice to her loved ones.

Duchess Kate is also reportedly stepping up and taking more of a substantial role in revolutionizing how things are done at the palace.

“Kate Middleton feels [the family] should meet regularly to discuss the way forward, share out the jobs, and have a plan, and that is starting to happen. Kate firmly believes the royals can only prosper if they talk to each other,” Dampier said.

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