‘BB19’ Spoilers: Have Not Houseguest Defies Rules, Incurs Penalty For Taking Hot Showers, Eating Food [Video]

After experiencing several big blowups in the house Monday, Big Brother 19 houseguests are questioning their places in the game. One cast member is so upset about recent moves made in the house, he has chosen to defy BB19 production rules by taking hot showers and eating regular food even though he is a Have Not.

The turmoil began after the August 28 veto meeting, which blindsided Matthew Cline and his showmance partner Raven Walton. They believed they had been nominated for eviction by Head of Household (HOH) Jason Dent to serve as pawns in a backdoor plan that would send Kevin Schlehuber to the Big Brother 19 jury. Jason won the Power of Veto (POV) this week, so the nominees were certain he would use it to save Raven.

When the veto was not used, tensions built in the BB19 house throwing Matt and Raven into a tizzy and causing fights erupted as the day progressed, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. As such, Matt, a Have Not for the week, made the decision to try to protect Raven and ensure he was evicted by breaking Big Brother’s rules.

While a Have Not, houseguests are mandated to take cold showers, eat only Big Brother slop, and sleep in the uncomfortable Have Not room. If these rules are broken, houseguests are given penalties that vary depending upon a cast mate’s status.

According to Big Brother Network, a penalty for breaking the Have Not rules depends upon a houseguest’s status. If a player has not been nominated for eviction, the penalty given may equal a nomination. When a player is already a nominee such as Matt, the penalty incurred is an additional eviction vote.

Monday evening at around 6 p.m. Big Brother 19 house time, houseguests were gathered for a meeting in which it was announced that because Matt ate regular food as a Have Not, he would be given a penalty vote this week. This seemed to inspire Matt to continue breaking the rules, this time with fervor.

See video below of the penalty announcement (Warning: Video contains some strong language).


BB19 production is clearly not happy with Matt’s decision and has been giving him warnings via announcements in the house telling him to stop. Big Brother Network notes that at one point while eating food and laying in a regular bed with Raven, Matt responded to one of Big Brother’s orders with, “We’ve already talked about this.” Raven apparently added, “Do you really think it’s going to stop?” as Matt continued to behave defiantly.

See videos below of the Matt continuing to defy Big Brother’s orders.



Some fans believe Matt should immediately be ousted from the game or be threatened with losing his stipend if he does not cease this behavior before Thursday night’s eviction show.

Matt’s actions have even prompted former BB16 houseguest Caleb “Beast Mode Cowboy” Reynolds to tweet, “Matt is a disgrace to the big brother game. If you can’t follow the rules kick him out! #bb19”

Famed Big Brother alumnus Brendon Villegas also tweeted his disgust for Matt’s behavior, writing, “200+ US Big Brother players & many of us have been Have-Nots. My longest was 2wks straight slop. #riteofpassage #BB19 Matt has ruined this.”

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