Robby Hayes Shares If He Is Still Friends With Josh Murray, Gives Update On Relationship With Amanda

This season on Bachelor in Paradise Robby Hayes is spending a lot of time with Amanda Stanton. Everyone saw Robby give her his rose on the show tonight. The crazy thing about this is that last season, Amanda Stanton ended up engaged to Josh Murray. Before the show, Robby and Josh were pretty good friends. Now, Us Magazine is sharing whether these two are still friends or whether Robby dating Amanda has caused the end of their friendship.

Robby and Josh were really close at one time, but now Robby is admitting that things aren’t like they used to be. He says that they do text from time to time, but their relationship has lost its “spark.” It sounds like Robby dating Josh’s ex-fiance did make him lose a friendship and hopefully it was worth it to him.

Another thing that Robby shared is how he is doing with Amanda Stanton now. He gave a huge Bachelor in Paradise spoiler and shared that they are together the entire season because they are still trying to see how things are after the show ended and it is looking pretty good for them. They are taking it very slow and Robby hopes that pays off for them in the end.

Robby said that he feels like this is the start of something “special” with Amanda. They are just trying to see how it will work for them in the real world now that they aren’t on Bachelor in Paradise anymore. This is a big change for them, but hopefully, they can make it work. The Inquisitr shared not long ago that Robby hasn’t even met Amanda’s kids yet. They are waiting for this and don’t want to take things too fast. Josh was very involved with her kids and it sounds like Amanda doesn’t want them to get close to someone again and then it not work out.

Are you surprised to hear that Robby Hayes and Josh Murray aren’t really great friends anymore? Do you think that Amanda and Robby will last? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays on ABC. Everyone is going to love watching their love story.

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