‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Fights Break Out After Veto Meeting, Kevin’s Family Tweets About Alex [Videos]

The BB19 house was nothing but chaotic on Monday, as houseguests flew into a rage after the Power of Veto (POV) ceremony left some of them bewildered and confused. Kevin Schlehuber became entrenched in the drama through no fault of his own, causing his family to take to his Twitter page and slam his fellow houseguest, Alex Ow, for some of the comments she made about him.

On Monday, at about 11:59 a.m. BB19 house time, following the POV meeting, which was not captured on live feeds, Raven Walton was visibly upset and yelling. According to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates, she yelled at Head of Household (HOH) Jason Dent, calling him a liar.

The rage displayed stems from the fact that Jason, who won the POV, did not use it to save the current Big Brother 19 nominees, Raven and her showmance, Matthew Clines. They were under the impression they were simply pawns and the real target this week was Kevin. Thus, Raven and Matt, or Maven, believed a backdoor plan was in place in which Jason would spare Raven the hardship of sitting on the chopping block by using the veto on her, and would then nominate Kevin to replace her.

This was not to be, as Jason was not willing to pull this move, so Matt is now this week’s target. Raven continued to yell telling Jason he shouldn’t have told Maven they were safe and that Kevin was the target.

Matt then began to rail on Jason, questioning the rodeo clown’s manhood and calling him names in the process. At one point, Matt clenched his fists as he yelled at Jason, Joker’s Updates reports, and continued to ridicule his BB19 game play.

See the videos below of Maven’s heated argument with Jason (Warning: Videos contain strong language).



Not long after, the houseguests turned their negative attention toward Kevin, as Josh Martinez began to get angrier and angrier. It appears Paul Abrahamian slowly fed Josh lines about Kevin, telling Josh that Kevin said he wasn’t smart, which upset Josh tremendously. As Josh was stewing over this, a fight broke out between Kevin and Christmas Abbott in the kitchen, seemingly over nothing.

Apparently, Kevin had mentioned something to Christmas about the pool and swimming. Christmas broke her foot near the beginning of the game and is wearing a special boot, which she cannot get wet. Kevin’s statement seemed to set her off, as she began screaming on live feeds at him about the comment, telling him he already knew she couldn’t go into the water.

Kevin seemed to be taken aback by her reaction and promised he was only asking if she was going to sit with her leg in the pool, not get in.

As Kevin started to retreat to the bathroom, Josh pulled him back in, saying he wanted to have a talk with Kevin. Josh claimed Kevin had spoken badly about him and as they spoke, called Kevin a liar, which clearly angered Kevin.

Josh also accused Kevin of taking the first temptation of the game, $25,000, which Kevin denied and then pointed the finger at Josh, saying he took it. In reality, Kevin did take the money and according to BB19 house conversation, told Josh immediately afterward, and later told Paul about it.

As the two men argued back and forth, the conversation became more heated. Josh told Kevin, “Swear on your family,” regarding not taking the $25,000, which incensed Kevin. Kevin warned Josh not to bring his family into the discussion and began cursing at him, saying, “I will take you out,” according to Joker’s Updates.

As Kevin became more and more enraged, he started to approach Josh, causing Big Brother 19 production to cut the live feeds. According to BB19 houseguest chatter following the fight, Kevin had picked up a glass as he made his way toward Josh. About an hour later, however, the two cast members were hugging it out in the bathroom, as Kevin apologized to Josh, saying he would never touch him.

See the video below of Kevin’s fights with Christmas and Josh (Warning: Video contains strong language)

As the day went on, Raven also began speaking poorly of Kevin, cursing and calling him an “old man” who doesn’t deserve to be in the Big Brother 19 house, Joker’s Updates reports. Alex joined in, saying, along with a number of other unpleasant things, that she hopes Kevin shuts the door on his genitals.

Kevin is a Have Not this week so he is only allowed to eat slop. According to Big Brother Network, Alex either threw Kevin’s food away or hid it leaving Kevin wondering where it had gone. Alex then forbade anyone to help Kevin make more slop, as Paul and Raven laughed at the 56-year-old as he searched for it. Jason did not heed Alex’s warning and gave Kevin tips on how to make slop, which angered Alex.

As a result of all of the Kevin-bashing, his family who is running his official Twitter account tweeted the following.

“If you support Alex in any way, unfollow this account. Thank you.”

They also posted a statement made by Raven, in which she allegedly said she will, “…make that old man cry…”

The family also tweeted a response to another tweet that indicated Alex was slamming Kevin, while questioning his wife’s income and the number of children he has by writing, “wow really? thank you alex!”

On Tuesday, the Big Brother 19 house seemed to calm down a bit, but the underlying bitterness and mean-spirited backstabbing will surely continue throughout the season.


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