Farrah Abraham Responds To The Controversy Surrounding Her Latest Plastic Surgery

If there’s one thing that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is good at, it’s oversharing her life on the internet. The entrepreneur, who is just as known for her controversies as she is for her star turn on the hit MTV reality series, is now experiencing a bit of a backlash thanks to her latest round of plastic surgery.

And it isn’t so much about the surgery itself that bothers people, so much as it is about the fact that she had to share the surgery with everyone on social media, and the fact that it was such an intimate surgical procedure, that has everyone up in arms.

Now, however, Farrah Abraham is speaking out against her latest round of “haters” who have something to say about her newest surgical adventure.

The Daily Mail is reporting that last week, Farrah Abraham shared on social media the intimate details of the plastic surgery on her lady parts. Captioning the Instagram photo “loving my lady parts,” Abraham then went into graphic detail — complete with pictures — about what the procedure on her lady parts entailed.

And, what’s more, it turns out that this was all filmed for an upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG!

Now, according to Us Magazine, Farrah Abraham said that she’s “sorry, not sorry!” about the backlash she’s received from fans of the show.

“My lady parts are happy. I don’t know. I just like to share things, especially if it’s good and health related and I don’t know. Today though it’s just about fashion, Sophia and I’m just proud of this little baby boss.”

Farrah Abraham went on to say that she doesn’t let her “online haters” affect her, even though she felt the need to address them at the MTV Video Music Awards.

She also said that she hopes that she will go on to set a good example for her daughter, and that she hopes her daughter is “inspired” by the “boss moves” she makes every day.

Finally, she said that she helps her daughter with her self-esteem every day by always telling her that she’s beautiful and reinforcing things that make her feel as such.

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