Roman Reigns Is ‘Light Years’ Ahead Of His Competition, According To A Former WWE Champion

Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns is one of the most important wrestlers in the WWE today. Even though, as of late, he hasn’t been enjoying the type of success that he should be enjoying, he still manages to draw numbers to the point that Monday Night Raw is frequently a popular trending topic on Twitter when it airs on the USA Network.

And despite the haters’ assertions, if there’s one thing that Roman Reigns is good at, it’s wrestling. What’s more, he’s so good at it that his contemporaries and other wrestling legends respect his moves.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that, recently, wrestling legend Sid Vicious (not to be confused with the Sex Pistols bassist of the same name) was asked about Roman Reigns and his future with the WWE, and he said that the Big Dog is “light years” ahead of the competition — and, more specifically, he’s light years ahead of Kevin Owens.

“I think he’s one of the better talents they’ve got. He looks credible, he looks good, he’s got a good energy. If we’re gonna compare him to anybody, let’s compare him to the fat guy in a t-shirt Kevin Owens. I think he’s light-years ahead of that guy.”

You can check out the full interview with Sid Vicious below.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns is currently on a much-anticipated collision course with John Cena where, according to Sports Illustrated, they’ll be facing off for the first time ever.

The face-off between Reigns and Cena first started coming to a head when, at SummerSlam 2017, The Face That Runs The Place and The Big Dog teamed up to defeat The Miz and Samoa Joe.

And while that was all good and fine, Roman Reigns looked less than thrilled to be teamed up with Cena.

That all came to a head last night on Monday Night Raw when it was announced that, on September 24, Cena and Reigns will face off in a singles match.

This is actually pretty important, because it will happen in a singles match — the first time that Reigns and Cena have done so. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out, considering that the two superstars have faced off in Fatal 4-Ways, but not off against each other. What’s more, many wrestling insiders believe that this match will be a “torch-passing” of sorts, with Cena passing his torch to Reigns as the new “Face That Runs The Place.” Finally, this suggests that Roman Reigns may be up for a face turn in the near future.

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