Camilla Parker-Bowles Does Not Want To Be Queen, But Prince Charles Is Determined To Make Her One

The ascension of the throne for the British Royal Family has been a hot topic in the most recent months, as more details surrounding the private lives of Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker-Bowles are being released to the public. Latest reports show that fewer Brits are becoming in favor of seeing Prince Charles and Camilla take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth, but it looks like the 68-year-old Prince of Wales does not care about the public’s opinion and is determined to make the Duchess of Cornwall the next Queen of England.

A Royal butler told the Daily Star that Prince Charles is intent on making his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles as the next Queen once he takes over the throne despite the public’s refusal to see them become the head of the British Royal Family. Camilla reportedly has no intentions of becoming the Queen of England; however, she may be forced to take over the throne because of her love for Prince Charles.

“Does she want to do it (be Queen)? No. But she loves him, so obviously she’s going to end up having to for him.”

The publication’s source claimed that Prince Charles “usually gets what he wants” and he already has a plan in mind to try and change the public’s opinion about Camilla. As most can recall, despite the laws being put into place for the Royal Family, the Prince of Wales still managed to bend the rules and got married to Camilla in a civil wedding in 2005, which led most people to believe that Camilla will someday be known as the “Queen Consort.”

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Prince Charles and Camilla, however, may have extreme difficulties in getting past through the recent backlash against them. Princess Diana’s secret interviews have been released to the public and as The Sun recaps, the latest footage from the BBC interview between the Princess of Wales and Martin Bashir revealed how Princess Diana knew about Camilla and Prince Charles’ affair.

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Princess Diana admitted that it was mostly a woman’s instinct that confirmed her suspicions about Prince Charles’ affair; however, she also shared that several people who were concerned about their marriage were telling her about their affair. The discovery and confirmation of Charles and Camilla’s affair is what reportedly led to Princess Diana’s bulimia.

Princess Diana also said during the interview that she developed depression after giving birth to Prince William. While she was already going through so much, Diana explained that she never received any help and support from the people around her.

Do you think Prince Charles will be able to find a way to make Camilla Parker-Bowles as the next Queen of England?

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