Tesla Model S Owners Can Now Go Full Ludicrous Mode, Absolutely No Limitations

No matter how one looks at it, the Tesla Model S is not a slow vehicle. In fact, since the powerful luxury sedan was fully released to the market, it quickly made a name for itself as one of the fastest cars on the road. Despite this, however, Tesla found itself in hot water earlier this year after Model S owners discovered that they were not enjoying the full power of their EVs, despite them using the vehicle’s famed Ludicrous Mode.

Model S and Model X units are equipped with Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode feature, which enables the EVs to launch from a complete stop with maximum power. This enables Teslas, which are designed for comfort and ease of use, to completely wipe the floor with the best petrol-powered cars on the planet.

Just recently, a Model X P100D beat a Lamborghini Aventador SV in a quarter mile race. While the race was close, the fact that the Model X is a heavy SUV that is designed to comfortably seat seven adults while the Aventador SV is a true-born supercar, really made the Tesla’s victory very impressive. That’s the power of Ludicrous Mode, in all its glory.

Earlier this year, however, numerous Tesla owners voiced their disappointment after they found out that the carmaker was actually putting limits on the performance of their cars. According to a report from The Drive, the limitations were put in place by Tesla as a means to protect the vehicles’ components from unnecessary wear and tear.

Not long after the first wave of complaints, Tesla released a software update that seemingly addressed the limitations with the Model S and the Model X’s Ludicrous Mode. As it turned out, however, the removal of the vehicle’s limiters only applied to drivers who utilize the Model S and Model X’s Launch Mode, Tesla’s equivalent of launch control. This means that unless Launch Mode was manually initiated, Model S and Model X drivers were still getting the same old limited performance mode on their vehicles.

Not that the limited Ludicrous Mode is underwhelming, anyway. The feature lives up to its name, after all, limited or not. Regardless of this, however, a good number of Tesla owners were still miffed at the fact that their cars, as high-performance as they are, were still kept on a leash.

That is, of course, until last week. In an official announcement, Jon McNeill, Tesla’s president of sales and services, stated that the carmaker has decided to remove all the limiters in their vehicles, as stated in an Electrek report. This means that since last week’s 2017.32 software update, all Model S and Model X units would be able to enjoy the full power of Ludicrous Mode, regardless of whether they are using Launch Mode or not.

“We’ve listened and are happy to tell you that for those that wish to do so, you can again enable maximum battery performance independently from Launch Mode, ensuring that you have maximum flexibility in how you use your car.”

Now that’s how automakers should address their customers’ issues.

For now, just enjoy this video of a Model X P100D wiping the racetrack with a Lamborghini Aventador SV. Do take note that the driver of the Lambo seemed to have taken off on the red. That means that, for all intents and purposes, the Model X actually started the race at a disadvantage.

[Featured Image by Tesla]

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