Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s Top 5 Shocking Looks On Instagram: Wearing Pants & Shorts Approved By Husband Jeremy

Ever since her wedding, Jinger Duggar has been donning outfits that her family never would have allowed. While she grew up under a strict and conservative clothing rule, now that she is married, Jinger is taking the liberty to try wearing pants, shorts, high heels and more. Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, seems to enjoy seeing her style transform on Instagram.

In the beginning of her marriage, the 23-year-old Duggar chose to wear outfits that followed the Duggar code of dress. That means that she mostly wore skirts that fell below her knees so that she does not show her thighs, layered tank tops so that she does not reveal her cleavage and chose shirts with sleeves that covered the tops of her shoulders and her armpits.

Her older sisters, Jill and Jessa Duggar, who still follow the dress code even after getting married, wrote about the reasons behind choosing to be modest.

“We do not dress modestly because we are ashamed of the body God has given us; quite the contrary,” Jill and Jessa Duggar wrote according to Bustle. “We realize that our body is a special gift from God and that He intends for it to be shared only with our future husband… We avoid low-cut, cleavage-showing, gaping, or bare-shouldered tops; and when needed, we wear an undershirt.”

Jinger, on the other hand with the encouragement from her husband, has been developing her personal style that shows a bit more skin.

Here are the top 5 outfits that Jinger Duggar that brought the most buzz from her Instagram followers!

Wearing Pants

One item of clothing that sets the 23-year-old Duggar apart from the rest of her sisters is her decision to wear pants. She first debuted them to the public when she went on a trip to Waco, Texas with Jessa and Jana, and they have been a part of her closet ever since. She wears them in all colors — green, red and beige — which definitely draws the eyes to her bottom half.

However, the instance of wearing pants that got the most response is when she wore tight black pair to the shooting range.

This pair stuck to her skin a little more than her other choices, showing that when she is engaged actively, she would rather go for comfort than modesty.

Pants, High Heels and Sleeveless Shirt Combo

As soon as her Instagram fans got used to her wearing pants, she layered two more surprising elements to her outfit that knocked them back again. In a photo taken by Jeremy Vuolo’s friend, Jinger showed her transformation by showing how comfortable she feels in, not just a tight pair of jeans, but also in high heels and a sleeveless shirt.

Many psychological studies have found that there is “a strong contemporary association between high heels and female sexuality.” As a girl, who has been raised to be modest, but also feminine, Jinger seems to meld the two philosophies in a style of her own.

Her husband stood by her as this photograph went public, which showed that he appreciates her experimenting with her look.

Sleeveless Dress

Jinger has been caught wearing a sleeveless dress twice already. She balances out the skin exposure in these circumstances by choosing dresses that button up right up to her neck and have hemlines that fall at least to her knees.

But perhaps the most surprising aspect of Jinger choosing to wear a sleeveless dress is that she wore it to meet some of the most important members of the Christian ministry.


This is a clothing item that probably brought out the most shock amongst fans when Jinger wore them publicly. She first appeared in knee-revealing pair when she and Jeremy agreed to take a selfie with a fan on University of Texas campus. Since then, the new bride sporadically have chosen to wear them.

Seeing women in shorts is nothing new for these soccer players.

Sporty, Not-So Feminine Look

Her mother, Michelle Duggar, has given countless talks about dressing in a feminine way.

“My daughters are the second generation of modest dressing in this family,” she said on a TLC blog. They’ve grown up being dressed modestly, and in clothes that are definitely more feminine apparel.”

“As a parent I would have to remind them, let’s not stand upside down on your head in that chair because you want to practice being ladylike,” she continued. “And they look at me with this puzzled looked like, what does that mean? I’ll explain, well, it means that you sit up, put your knees together and pull your skirt down over your knees.”

This outfit, picked out by Jeremy Vuolo himself, showed a sporty and tomboy side of Jinger.

Do you think there is more to come in Jinger Duggar’s revolution of her wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram and Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]

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