Jon Snow’s True Name Reveal Could Change The Fate Of The Other Aegon Targaryen In ‘The Winds Of Winter’

Game of Thrones Season 7 is officially over and fans finally learned about Jon Snow’s true name. However, the revelation was also met with skepticism as the HBO show appears to be ignoring the existence of another Aegon Targaryen in A Song of Ice and Fire. Is it possible that George R.R. Martin will have different plans for Young Griff in the book series? Could this mean that the first Aegon will get killed off in The Winds of Winter?

Jon Snow’s true identity has been one of the biggest mysteries of Game of Thrones from the start. However, some of the truth was only revealed in Season 6’s Tower of Joy scene. Since then, people have been wondering what name Lyanna Stark decided to give Rhaegar Targaryen’s son. Interestingly, the reveal in the seventh season seems to confirm that Jon’s current storyline will overlap with Young Griff’s in the ASOIAF novel series.

In the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, Bran Stark revealed to Samwell Tarly that Jon Snow is “the heir to the Iron Throne” as he confirmed that Lyanna gave her son the name Aegon Targaryen. Although “The Dragon and The Wolf” concluded without Jon actually learning about his true heritage, there is little doubt that the King in the North will find out about it by the final season. But could this mean things will not work out well for the blue-haired Aegon in A Song of Ice and Fire?

Jon Snow is not the only Aegon Targaryen in ‘The Winds of Winter.’ [Image by Helen Sloan/HBO]

In A Dance with Dragons, Tyrion Lannister meets Young Griff on the way to Volantis. Tyrion begins to suspect that the blue-haired boy could be Aegon, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell who was allegedly smuggled out of King’s Landing by Varys. Aegon Targaryen is once again mentioned in Arianne Martell’s chapter in The Winds of Winter. However, it looks like his future is not looking bright now that Jon Snow has been declared the true heir in Game of Thrones Season 7.

In ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ Aegon Targaryen is the one who wants Daenerys to ‘bend the knee.’ [Image by HBO]

There is little doubt that the HBO show is taking a completely different direction from A Song of Ice and Fire so Young Griff’s fate might still be undecided. However, fans believe that the other Aegon Targaryen could easily get assassinated due to George R. R. Martin’s affinity for killing off characters. In the meantime, things could work out differently for Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 8.

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