McGregor’s Performance Against Mayweather Trashed by Jose Aldo, Rafael dos Anjos

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and “The Notorious” Conor McGregor clashed last night in their much anticipated and unprecedented super fight. Though not everyone was impressed with the amateur boxer’s performance against one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Jose Aldo and Rafael dos Anjos were among the voices of criticism who thought McGregor’s performance in the ring was a disappointment.

Aldo simply tweeted out to his nine-hundred-three thousand followers a set of “crying laughing” emojis after the fight. Aldo and McGregor’s past was a short lived match that lasted thirteen seconds before “The Notorious” knocked out the ten-year undefeated champion and took his belt.

Rafael dos Anjos tweeted a more detailed response to McGregor’s performance stating that the fighter has “no heart” and that “The Notorious” still owes him a mixed martial arts fight in the UFC.

Dos Anjos, the former UFC Lightweight champion of the world, also posted to his Instagram account that McGregor and himself never had the chance to fight before their previously cancelled event after dos Anjos got injured. The post is antagonistic in nature with dos Anjos hash-tagging “chickenheart” by the end of his message to the UFC superstar.

Aldo’s tweet was quickly met with criticism from fans around the world tweeting out the photo of his thirteen-second knockout against the “Mystic Mac” in 2015.

Fans on dos Anjos’ instagram post simply stated that McGregor’s fight against the former UFC Lightweight champion would be “irrelevant.” Another fan commented that the fight wouldn’t be exciting because dos Anjos lost his belt to Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez was knocked out by McGregor in the second round effectively making Conor the first UFC fighter to hold two belts at the same time.

Despite the criticisms from McGregor’s former opponents, the fight between Mayweather and himself was received well. The fight was initially considered a publicity stunt, but McGregor’s efforts in the ring impressed many who believed the fighters were simply their to make a cash grab as stated in an article by the Guardian.

What McGregor and Mayweather committed together is a combat sports history-making event that pulled in both fans and non-fans. This was a pop culture event uniting two fighters from separate parts of the combat sports world.

Though McGregor lost in the end by a technical knockout, he proved that he isn’t a fighter limited by the scope of his career. He broke out of the mold that many of his previous opponents couldn’t and has stated that he had “fun” while doing it.

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