D’Andra Simmons Calls Out ‘RHOD’ Alums Over Fake Friendship?

D’Andra Simmons is brand new to The Real Housewives of Dallas, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Simmons comes from a big family, and she has something to prove when it comes to her mother. D’Andre’s mother has built an empire, but she seems skeptical in passing on the business to her daughter. For years, she’s been trying to prove to her mother that she’s ready to take over the family business, but her mother is skeptical. However, during the second episode of the season, Simmons is proving that she is rather smart.

According to a new Bravo report, D’Andra Simmons is now calling out Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman for the drama between them. It’s clear that they are not getting along, and D’Andra is revealing that Stephanie is probably faking the drama, as she must have known what was going on between them. She knew what she had written on her blog about Brandi’s marriage. Perhaps Stephanie didn’t think that calling her friend’s marriage a car wreck waiting to happen was such a big deal. Sadly, it may have ruined the friendship for good, as it is something that Redmond can’t move past.


During the cast’s sit-down at the dog dress-up competition, Simmons points out that it was clear for her that the ladies were not talking about their issue. She has a hard time believing that Stephanie doesn’t realize what she has done wrong. Perhaps she’s scared of admitting what she has done, as LeeAnne Locken is speaking out very aggressively.

“It seems that Stephanie would like for us to believe that she also had no idea what was going on between her and Brandi. I’m sorry, but I need to interject some common sense here. If you have been best friends with someone for many years and have not spoken for four months, I think you would have an idea of what the argument was about…call me crazy?!!!” D’Andra Simmons explained on her Bravo blog about Brandi and Stephanie.

Of course, Brandi hasn’t told Hollman what is bothering her, and it is possible that she truly doesn’t know exactly what is wrong. She clearly wants her friend back, as she’s hurt over their fallout.


Brandi has hinted that she doesn’t know whether she can trust Stephanie again after what they have been through. D’Andra Simmons doesn’t know the details of their friendship, but she has a hard time believing that Stephanie doesn’t realize what is happening between them. Sure, she truly may be at a loss, but she should read her blogs again and realize that her tone wasn’t nice when discussing her friend’s marriage.

What do you think of D’Andra Simmons’ comments about Stephanie and Brandi? Do you think she’s right in what she’s saying about Hollman?

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