Dean Unglert Backlash—Fans Slam Surprising New 'Bachelor In Paradise' Villain After He Breaks Kristina's Heart

Dean Unglert showed a new side of himself on Bachelor in Paradise, and it was negative enough to dash any chances he may have of becoming the next Bachelor. While Dean was riding high on the sympathy card after his disastrous hometown date with Rachel Lindsay on her season of The Bachelorette (Unglert's strained relationship with his Sikh father, Paramroop, was prominently featured as was the story of his mother's death when he was a teen), he's now getting backlash from fans after the way he treated Kristina Schulman on Bachelor in Paradise.

With his rose fate dangling in Kristina's hands, Unglert told the BiP beauty that while he wanted to slow down their relationship on ABC's speed dating spinoff, he also wanted to stay on the show to continue to spend time with her.

Dean survived the ceremony that sent four other guys packing, but he may not survive the wrath of Bachelor in Paradise fans who didn't like what he did next. Unglert made a beeline for newcomer Danielle Lombard, and after his ATV-riding date with her, he still flirted with both women. He went from playfully thumb wrestling and canoodling by the campfire with Kristina to blatantly celebrating Danielle's half birthday (???) with a watermelon cake right in front of her.

Later, when Schulman broke down in tears over Dean's treatment of her after giving him her precious rose, he seemed to shrug her feelings off, saying, "Kristina lets her emotions get the best of her sometimes."

Bachelor in Paradise fans weren't happy with Dean Unglert and his insensitive behavior. Several fans took to social media to blast the reality star for using Kristina just to extend his stay on Bachelor in Paradise. Others have canceled him out as their favorite this season, dubbing him the new Bachelor in Paradise villain.
While former franchise villain Nick Viall earned fans' favor last summer on Bachelor in Paradise and ultimately landed that coveted spot as The Bachelor, Dean Unglert may not be so lucky, despite the fact that he has the good looks for the role.Unglert has tarnished his reputation as a sympathetic figure with his antics on Bachelor in Paradise. And it may be no surprise that Dean has already admitted he may not be ready to be The Bachelor because he has some growing up to do.

"I think I have a lot of maturing I need to do myself, but I would never immediately say no to any opportunity," Unglert said of the possibility of leading the next cycle of the ABC franchise. "We'll see."

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

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