‘BB19’ Spoilers: Raven Walton Says Josh Has Never Made Her Feel Uncomfortable, What About The Shower Peek?

BB19 fans have kept track of Raven Walton this season. She came into the house and immediately fans were raising eyebrows. Her illnesses, her stories of her mother, and her claims of being terminally ill let everyone know the one to watch right away.

The following will contain spoilers for BB19. If you don’t want to know what may make the editorial cut, this is the time to stop reading.

Earlier in the BB19 game, Raven Walton claimed that Josh had taken a peek at her in the shower. She told the other houseguests about the incident. While most of the houseguests let it go, when things became heated between Jody and Josh, the couple discussed it again. The live feed viewers saw that Cody and Jessica talked about ruining Josh’s life when the BB19 game ended. They wanted to spread the word that he was a sexual predator over Raven’s accusation.

Earlier tonight Joker’s Updates reported (6:44 p.m.) that Raven, Alex, Christmas, and Paul got into a conversation about Jody. They were talking specifically about the couple having called Josh disgusting. Raven told the group that she didn’t understand how Cody and Jessica could say that about Josh because everyone loved him and he had never made her feel uncomfortable. After Raven left the room, Alex pointed out to Christmas and Paul that Raven was the one that had made the shower accusation that led to the disgusting statement from Jody about Josh. Alex wanted to make sure the others understood that Raven never accepts responsibility for what she does, as she caused that problem.



Raven Walton has told so many whoppers while in the BB19 house this summer. While lies and manipulation are part of the game and often a player’s strategy, Raven took it to the next level. The houseguests have had the discussions several times over the number of illnesses, and how extreme they are, and the possibility that she may be exaggerating.

What do you think of Raven apparently not remembering she told them Josh peeked in the shower on her? Do you feel like there should be a consequence for making such a malicious statement about another houseguest in BB19? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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