Brad PItt: After Divorce Settlement Hoping To Remarry, Secretly Dating, ‘Point Of No Return’ With Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently had Brangelina fans hopeful that the estranged couple would reconcile, seeing as divorce proceedings seem to have stalled.

Unfortunately for all of those who were hopeful that the couple of 12 years would reconcile, this simply is not a possibility. Sources have stated that the reason the proceedings seem to have stalled is due to the stars preferring to take their time and make all the right moves for the sake of their six children, who are the priorities of both Brad and Angelina.

Reps have reassured the masses that the divorce between Jolie and Pitt is moving forward. Reasons that there is no possibility of a reconciliation between Angelina and Brad apparently come down to the damage that has already been done. The divorce proceedings were off to a tumultuous start last September when an FBI investigation was launched against Pitt for child abuse, for which he was swiftly cleared. The investigation followed an incident on a private jet when an allegedly- intoxicated Brad lunged at the former couple’s 16-year-old son Maddox.

It was only days after the jet incident that Jolie announced she was divorcing Brad, which reportedly blindsided the Allied star. As Inquisitr recently reported, it is for these reasons that Brad Pitt is unable to consider mending things fully with Angelina.

Since the divorce began, Pitt has sought therapy and addictions counselling and shared in a recent GQ interview that he loves therapy, admitting also to “boozing” too much prior to the divorce announcement.

A source relayed to Celebrity Insider that “the kids would love for their parents to get back together, and miss having Brad at home, but it’s simply not in the cards.” The same insider states that it’s “the point of no return” for Brad and Angelina.

Although Pitt does not intend to get back together with Jolie, sources claim that the Hollywood heartthrob is certainly not opposed to another walk down the aisle. and that he is even dating secretively.

Although not a serious relationship as of yet, the publication shares about one specific woman Pitt has been quietly spending time with, mainly an artist who the star is said to be quite fond of. Brad has reportedly become quite passionate about creating sculptures, and has turned to this new passion to assist him in getting through his difficult divorce.

Rumors have also swirled that Brad and Chelsea Handler have become quite close, yet Gossip Cop has stamped these claims out as entirely false.

“The manufactured plot previously maintained that Handler and Aniston were feuding, so why not craft an angle that pits Pitt between them? One outlet planted the seed, another outlet poured water on it, and now the original outlet is showing how the situation has grown by using the second’s outlet’s claims. It’s all very transparent. And it’s all very untrue.”

While Brad Pitt is reportedly not opposed to marriage in the future, and even dating once again, both he and Angelina’s focus remains on their children during this difficult time, while both Pitt and Jolie continue on in their respective careers.

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