‘BB19’: Jessica Graf Reveals Her Plans For Life In The Real World With Cody

Big Brother’s biggest showmance just blew up, but ousted houseguest Jessica Graf is downplaying the fact that her in-house romance with Cody Nickson cost her her Big Brother game. Instead, Jessica is looking toward the future with her new man.

Several of this season’s Big Brother houseguests have already made the joke that Jessica Graf gave up her game for Cody and that “$500,000 is a very expensive date.” But in her exit speech to the houseguests, Jessica told Cody that it was all worth it. And now that she’s out of the CBS summertime house, Jessica has revealed that she has big plans for life in the real world with her Big Brother boyfriend.

Jessica told Entertainment Weekly that she is counting the days until Cody gets out of the Big Brother house. Even if he is eliminated from the game soon, Nickson must wait out the remainder of the season in the jury house. Graf revealed that she has already made plans to take her Texas-based boyfriend and his young daughter to one of her favorite California hotspots as they divide their time between their two hometowns.

“I can’t wait for Cody to get out of the house. Sucks that I have to wait six weeks for that to happen,” Graf told EW.

“I promised I would take Cody and Paisley to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! We’ll split our time between Dallas and Los Angeles and I’m really excited about it.”

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Graf told The Hollywood Reporter she hopes Big Brother fans could see how strong her relationship with Cody was and that they will “root” for them in the real world.

“I hope that ‘Jody’ fans (so weird to say!) love us for being two strong people who really care about each other,” Jessica told THR.

“I hope that fans are rooting for us because they see two strong people. We challenged ourselves and others in the house. Loyalty is something that should be respected and admired and not frowned upon. He was my partner from the beginning and I wasn’t going to stab him in the back.”

Jessica also said she was glad Cody didn’t choose to follow her out the Big Brother door.

“That thought did cross my mind a few times and I would have laughed hysterically,” Graf said of the possibility of a self-eviction by Nickson. “I’m glad he stayed though so he can give hell to the houseguests for as long as possible.”

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While Jessica stands by her showmance, Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed that she is disappointed with how the VIP concierge chose to go out. In her exit chat with Chen, Graf admitted that she gave up during her final days in the Big Brother house, instead choosing to ice out the other houseguests and spend her final hours with Cody.

Julie told Entertainment Weekly that it was “disappointing to hear Jessica say she threw in the towel” and that she wanted to “shake” her and tell her she shouldn’t put her future “in the hands of another human being.” Julie added that if Jessica’s Big Brother showmance is the real deal, he would be waiting for her on the outside.

Cody Nickson professed his love for Jessica Graf on her way out of the house, and Jessica told Julie “of course” she loves him, too. Now, only time will tell if Cody can stay strong in the house as a solo player and bring home the Big Brother $500,000 prize to his CBS summertime love.


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