Jessica Rekos’ Parents Vow To Keep Her Memory Alive

Jessica Rekos was a 6-year-old little girl who lost her life during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Her parents, Richard and Krista Rekos, say that they vow to keep their child’s memory alive.

ABC News reports that the Reko’s believe that constantly talking about Jessica will help their family cope with their tragic loss and will help bring them moments of comfort.

Krista Rekos told ABC News:

“We will talk about her every day, we will live for her. We will make sure her brother knows what an amazing person she was.”

When the Rekos first heard of the incident at Sandy Hook, they were shocked. They both grew up in Newtown, Connecticut and have always felt safe there.

Krista, in a state of panic, rushed to the school when she heard the news.

“I was running, and I kept thinking, ‘I’m coming for you honey, I’m coming,'” she said crying.

When the Rekos arrived at Sandy Hook, they had no idea of just how bad the situation was.

Richard said:

“We had no idea at that point. We thought, OK, the reports are that one or two people may have been injured and taken to hospitals. There was still hope, that the children were hiding, there was still so much hope at that point.”

“I knew exactly what she was wearing, and I was hoping to see her little ponytail run around the corner, and her jacket and her black glittery Uggs that she had on that morning,” Krista Rekos said.

At around 1:15 PM a police officer asked everyone to take a seat. That’s when the officer said that 20 children had been killed.

Richard said:

“We couldn’t get a straight answer. There’s so much panic and confusion when that announcement was made, the life was just sucked out of the room. And you know, I just point-blank found a state trooper and said, ‘Are you telling me that standing here as a parent that my daughter is gone?’ And he said, ‘Yes.'”

According to MediaITE, the Rekos described Jessica as a ball of fire and “our little CEO.” Richard said,”She was the boss.”

After hearing that they had just lost their daughter, Krista said that they returned home and “got into her bed that she had just gotten out of.”

Krista still can’t believe that her little girl is gone.

She said, that she can’t believe that “my little girl, so full of life, and who wants a horse so badly, and who is going get cowgirl boots for Christmas, isn’t coming home.”

The Rekos will continue to keep their daughter alive in their memories, and I’m sure that they will be in the prayers of people across the nation.