New Orleans Saints Fans To Troll Atlanta Falcons With Billboard Detailing Super Bowl Collapse Near New Stadium

The rivalry between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons is one that knows very few bounds, and fans of the black and gold have just taken trolling to another level. The Falcons made it to last season’s Super Bowl LI, and they had a very convincing lead at halftime that seemed like a sure thing. From there, they suffered a ridiculous collapse and lost to the New England Patriots, and Saints fans aren’t going to let them forget it.

While it was already expected that fans of the Saints would bring up the 28-3 collapse in Super Bowl LI, no one may have expected the level they were willing to take it to. UPROXX has revealed that New Orleans Saints fans are willing to use their hard-earned money on a billboard in order to elevate their troll game.

First of all, you may already know that the Falcons are opening the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium for games this season, but there are problems. As reported by USA Today, the retractable roof on the $1.5 billion stadium will remain closed for a while due to some problems and issues with the open/close mechanisms.

To add insult to injury, Saints fans are paying to have a billboard put up near the new stadium which will be clad in black and gold colors while reminding the Falcons of their epic collapse.

That billboard signifies just far the fans of an NFL team are willing to go when it comes to getting the best of their rivals.

Clothing designer Dirty Coast has found a billboard provider that will sell it to them for just $1,000 each. As of now, the company is planning to put one up in Atlanta and one up in New Orleans, which has them taking $10 donations from anyone wanting to be a part of the fun.

All money raised over their goal of $2,000 will be donated to charity.

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It is a simple billboard that simply states the score of “28-3” and the moment in the third quarter when everything started to collapse.

The Atlanta Falcons and their fans will never be able to forget the ultimate collapse that happened in Super Bowl LI which resulted in a loss to the New England Patriots. It is hard enough to deal with it being on the record books, but being reminded of it by a billboard purchased with the money of New Orleans Saints fans? That only makes things worse, and it will likely intensity this rivalry even more during the 2017 NFL regular season.

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