Japanese Toilet Controlled By Google Android Smartphone

A Japanese toilet company has created a Google Android-powered toilet that can provide heated seating, “butt showers,” and other hands-free operation all with the tap of a user’s smartphone display.

The toilet can play sounds and music, can be opened and closed with smartphone controls, and can even be flushed via the user’s smartphone.

Creating a modern marvel of porcelain is a huge step forward for Japan where many of the countries subways are still met with holes in the ground, a relic of old-fashioned Japanese toilet design.

The new Android-powered toilets are created by Japanese company Lixil and are being released under the model name “Satis.” The company will debut three models for the new smart-tech toilets in 2013.

The toilets are bluetooth-equipped in order to make them easily connectable for any major smartphone currently available on the market.

For “frequent travelers” to the toilets, users can set their own personal settings and even play music through a set of speakers located right on the commodes.

Home buyers of the toilets can even check electricity and water usage for the toilet to determine monthly operating costs.

If you’re fanatical about your toilet usage, the commode also provides a “toilet diary,” which provide visit lists and other information to keep users up on their health.

Perhaps a toilet that tracks your usage and plays music is a bit of overkill; then again, in a country where a hole in the ground constitutes an acceptable toilet, perhaps this is a move in the right direction.