‘The Flash’ Season 4: Suit Upgrade Leaked, 2024 Barry To The Rescue?

It looks like Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is getting a much-needed costume upgrade come The Flash Season 4 based on brand new photos from the set of the hit comic book adaptation.

In photos taken by Frog Photography and Hollywood North Buzz, which were officially shared on Twitter by YVR Shoots, Gustin can be seen donning the same costume that his character’s 2024 version wore in Episode 19 of The Flash Season 3, “The Once and Future Flash.”

While it is a no-brainer that Barry will be back in The Flash Season 4 despite currently being trapped in the Speed Force, Team Flash is left to do what they can to protect the city while he is gone.

As Candice Patton emphasized at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017, Iris will play a team leader role in cleansing Central City of crime. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) will also suit up while Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) will pick up the slack.

The new set photos suggest what the team has in mind to get better chances at the threats and forces that will no doubt hit Central City in The Flash Season 4 during the absence of Barry.

In the trailer shown at SDCC, the group appears to have found a way to bring Barry back. However, this version of Flash appeared to be wearing the costume Gustin wears in the set photos.

One explanation many believe is that it is Barry back in action with a cooler costume to boot. This will not come as a surprise since the costume was expected to show up at some point on the show anyway.

However, some speculate that while Barry remains in the Speed Force, the team might get the help of the Future Flash come The Flash Season 4 although the headache-inducing complications of time travel will challenge that possibility.

However, since they are still trying to figure out how to get their Barry back, the presence of a new villain who threatens to kill a bunch of people if Flash does not show up will give them no choice to find a way to stop this baddie.

One solution is that Wally dons Barry’s costume to trick the new enemy into thinking he is Flash. Lonsdale was photographed a couple of weeks ago wearing the red costume.

Pop culture watcher and YouTuber Emergency Awesome, on the other hand, believes that Barry will be back by the end of The Flash Season 4 premiere and it is him who was in the trailer fresh from the Speed Force with a new suit.

For now, however, it looks like fans will just have to wait and see. Production is reportedly at the third episode at the moment. The set photos suggest that Barry will be back in action pretty early on in The Flash Season 4. It is the question of which version fans are seeing in the set photos.

The Flash Season 4 premieres October 10.


[Featured Image by The CW Television Network]

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