Ryback Unhappy That He Was Mentioned On ‘Ride Along’

Ride Along is one of the most popular shows on the WWE Network. The purpose of the show is to document the long car rides that wrestlers have to embark from town to town, and show the oftentimes funny moments while driving. There have been quite a few duos and trios who did not surprise anyone that they were riding with each other, such as Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, R-Truth & Goldust (when they were still teaming), The New Day, and Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose. There were other pairings that were a bit unexpected, such as Chris Jericho & Mark Henry, Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallaher, Daniel Bryan & James Ellsworth, and Seth Rollins & Cesaro.

Undoubtedly, one of the funniest episodes was the ride with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, before the break-up. At the Roadblock: End of the Line pay-per-view, Jericho cost Reigns the opportunity to become WWE Universal Champion by executing a Codebreaker on Owens. The two would then go on Raw to state that their friendship is stronger than ever. However, as fans witnessed, their role as “best friends” would eventually dissolve, leading to a match at WrestleMania 34, Payback, and SmackDown Live.

During their car ride while they were still friends, the two had multiple conversations dealing with a number of topics. For instance, one of the topics addressed how Jericho and Owens were celebrating up the ramp after a match. Owens called Jericho the “GOAT,” while Jericho proceeded to call Owens the “donkey.”

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Another topic discussed with how strong Mark Henry is, since Jericho rode with his initially. Jericho stated that he could crush an apple with his hands with ease. He also proceeded to recall a time where Ryback was supposed to crush an apple during a segment they had on television. Ryback had trouble crushing the apple, and blamed it on his gloves. When Jericho suggested that he take his gloves off, Ryback decided to dismiss the whole thing altogether and not do it.

On his recent Conversation with the Big Guy podcast, Ryback believed WWE purposely left that part in the editing to take a personal jab at him, since car rides are “usually three hours” and the production team could have omitted that from airing on the network. He then stated that the millions of fans and followers who support him know the truth, despite what WWE wants to present.

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There is no secret that the relationship between WWE and Ryback is nowhere near smooth, and it does not seem as if Ryback will return anytime soon.

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