Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition Price, Release, And Everything You Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is coming back as “Fan Edition” on July 7. The phablet that launched a huge controversy last year proved to still be popular, hence the South Korean company decided to release it in its home country once again presumably to also recuperate some of its $5.2 billion loss.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Still The Same

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition that is coming out later this week is essentially the same smartphone that was released a year ago. There are only two key differences, one of which is the battery. Instead of that explode-y stuff that’s on the original phablet, the refurbished version is coming with a smaller-capacity battery that should be safer this time around, Engadget reported.

Fan Edition To Be Cheaper

There’s no sense in releasing a year-old smartphone with the original price tag and Samsung knows that. The Galaxy Note 7 FE is going to be sold at 699,000 won (about $410) in South Korea. As of now, the comeback is limited to Samsung’s homeland, but other countries will reportedly be decided on later. However, don’t expect it to come to the U.S.

Samsung Expecting Increase In Sales

Samsung had expected to only sell 300,000 units of the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, due to a huge demand in South Korea for the same handset, the mobile company has decided to put out 150,000 more handsets, Indian Express reported. That brings the total to 450,000. It’s not much, but that’s to be expected considering that its successor is believed to be coming next month.

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So Should You Buy It Or Wait For The Note 8?

If you’re in South Korea and absolutely want a Note and the upcoming Note 8, which is reportedly Samsung’s most expensive handset yet, is out of your league, then you can consider buying one. However, if you’re in the U.S. or other countries, you’ll have to wait for the Galaxy Note 8, which is most likely to be twice as expensive.

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With that price though, you get a beautiful bezel-less display. The Galaxy Note 8 is also packed with a dual-camera set-up and exclusive features that you won’t get on the Galaxy S8.

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