‘The Division’ Updating With Character Re-Customization Tools In 1.7 Expansion

When creating a character in Tom Clancy’s The Division, players are able to customize a male or female avatar in a number of ways. Hair style, hair color, facial accessories, and even preset face types can be selected during the customization of a character. Once those choices are made, though, players are stuck with the features they chose. Characters are forever trapped behind options like permanent sunglasses or specific tattoos.

In update 1.7, players are no longer bound to the choices they made at character creation. A new room in the Terminal will let players re-customize their agents. The locker room and bathroom is accessible by simply walking into it. By selecting the mirror, players of The Division can then re-customize their character.

Glasses, scars, and tattoos can be added and removed from the new room. According to the information presented in the latest state of the game address, all of the options at character creation are available in the locker room except for gender. That is the one feature that cannot be changed. The new re-customization tool is free to use for all players with no in-game or real world currency required to use it. Players can also use the new service as much as they want.

Remove sunglasses, change tattoos, and select a new hair cut in the Terminal [Image by Ubisoft]

In addition to the new re-customization tools, players can expect new gear, new features, and even a new visual gear slot in patch 1.7. Alongside the existing vanity options for agents in the game, a new vanity slot for face masks is being added in the expansion. Like jackets, pants, shoes, and more in the third-person shooter, a plethora of face masks will be available to players. Face masks are currently present in the game as typical gear, but a new vanity option is coming with the update.

Patch 1.7 is now being tested on The Division test server. New Encrypted Caches, Global Events, and Commendations are also part of the update. Encrypted Caches are new loot boxes with random vanity items. Players can buy a cypher key for a cache with Premium Credits or earn key fragments by playing the game. Details on that new feature are listed in the official patch notes for the test server.

During a Global Event, players earn Global Tokens [Image by Ubisoft]

As the Inquisitr reported, the 1.7 update will also introduce Global Events. This week-long event will occur once in a month offering new challenges to players. Modifiers on missions will reward Global Tokens that can be spent on Classified Caches. These new caches can contain Classified Gear set pieces that add five- and six-piece bonuses to existing gear sets in The Division.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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