DC Comics Might Reveal New Mature Super Hero Imprint With Mark Doyle

DC Comics will soon announce a new imprint that will feature mature super hero comic books under the direction of Mark Doyle.

BleedingCool.com reported that Doyle would be executive editor for both the Vertigo and DC’s Young Animal Imprint. Along with heading the two DC Imprints, it was revealed that he would also be in charge of “select new projects.

With DC Comics reportedly losing confidence in the Vertigo Imprint, it stands to assume that this move to have Doyle start the next wave of mature super hero titles be accurate. Vertigo Comics originally used superhero characters that were not well-known and revamped them for an adult audience. Comics that became staples of the imprint included such classics as Sandman, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, and others. They then expanded to creator owned properties that from SCALPED by Jason Aaron to Tom King’s recently critically successful The Sheriff of Babylon.

Doyle is going to serve as head of the one of the Big Twos newest initiatives to bring excitement back to the publisher. Last year, DC Comics released their newest revamp of their super hero titles with their much anticipated DC Rebirth event.

DC’s Young Animal imprint has also generated buzz with the Gerard Way and Nick Derrington’s Doom Patrol along with other projects that have exist within the DC Comics other titles.

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Mark Doyle is most notably known for being the Batman group editor at DC Comics and is even credited for bring Scott Snyder onto the Batman book during the New 52 relaunch.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources back in June, Snyder had teased a new initiative from DC which would be producing more adult content. This coupled with the announcement that Doyle will be leading other select projects only further solidifies another imprint from the publisher.

“They’re creating bold, new initiatives – new lanes to drive in creatively – for creators to tell the kinds of stories like I was telling in All Star [Batman].” stated Snyder.

Snyder goes on to say that the publisher is looking to work more effectively with artists to change the format of the comics they’d produce. The publisher will put out comics with a different sizes and cuts than the major publishing companies put out.

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Currently, there is no announcement that’s been made, but with the San Diego Comic Con coming up in July it might be something on their agenda.

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